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July 05 2007

PopWatch is Desperate For Fillion. The good Captain is featured in this story about the Desperate Housewives cast additions - and PopWatch asks what shows need the OMWF musical treatment.

Personally I would pay shiny money to see David Boreanaz burst into song in the musical episode of Bones.

Do we know if David can sing? I can't remember.

Buffy Musical on the Big Screen

Here are the July 2007 ones.

July 6 & 7 - Detroit
at the Main Art Theatre
July 13 & 14 - New York City
at the IFC Center.
July 20 & 21 - Washington DC
at the Avalon Theatre.
July 27 & 28 - Tulsa

Well, although I think in reality it would probably be a bad choice, a musical episode of The Office could be pretty darn funny.
The Detroit one is actually Royal Oak. I know: picky, picky, picky, but "Detroit" covers a lot of ground. Plus, I only live a block and a half away. :D
The only singing we got from David Boreanaz was the start of Angel's second season. It would be interesting to see if he's been to any karaokes lately
A Bones musical would be funny in a lot of ways (although I'm not a huge fan of the show). I always like when Angel sings for the host (particularly the episode where he sings then apologizes). I'm torn about Nathan Fillion on Desperate Houseswives. I couldn't get into this show and as much as I'd love to see NF on TV every week, I don't know if I can handle the rest of the show. I wish his role on Lost would have been bigger or better yet, get the man his own show!!!!

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Oh and by the way - that's a yummy picture of Mr. Fillion on the EW site.
Yummy indeed.

So will Nathan Fillion be to Desperate Housewives what Heather Locklear was to Melrose Place :) ? I used to watch DH, but kept missing an episode here and there, and it's just not the same when you're not caught up. Not really sure where the show is these days. But I'd tune in again for the Cap'n. Mainly I am excited about him getting exposure on a well watched show (well paying, too, I hope) so he might get some more well deserved recognition.
That poll is still open.

Who do you think is the breakthrough male star of summer?
Live Vote still checked
* 6739 responses

Shia LaBeouf, "Transformers," "Disturbia," "Surf's Up" 30%

Chiwetel Ejiofor, "Talk to Me" 3.5%

Nathon Fillian, "Waitress" 25%

Nathan 1684
Other guy 2021

Nathan behind 337 votes or 5%.

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