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July 06 2007

Sideshow announces Angel premium format. A pre Comic-con announcement: Angel statue to join Buffy and Spike.

Cash in your kid's college fund 'cause this one will probably go for around $250 like the Buffy and Spike statues.

If you click on the link there's a great teaser for the figure but look in the bottom corner for an ad for an "Origins" Angel. Is it just me or was the first thing you thought of when you saw it: Elvis!

Viva Las Vegas!
It's about frakkin' time!
SPOILER FOR LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD BELOW: Posting in this thread because I can't find anything to link to -- in the scene in the *second* collector's room (I'm counting the Justin Long character's as the first, trying not to be too spoilery here by saying exactly whose room this is), look around -- there's a statue of the Master from "Buffy." May be other "Buffy"/"Angel" stuff in there, too, but that's the only one I was sure of -- as it's a Fox movie, there's a lot of Fox stuff, especially "Star Wars" figures. SPOILER FOR LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD ABOVE
I wish they'd do Firefly statues. I would so love to see their version of Mal. I'd sell a kidney for it.

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