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July 06 2007

Joss Whedon's Comic-Con panel Officially Announced. The panel will be on Saturday, July 28 from 4:45 - 5:45 and a sneak peak of the Serenity Collectors Edition DVD will be shown!

Argghgh! Why does this thing always have to be in California?? Toronto's (two) annual conventions seem like two aged trekkers having lunch on a patio in the face of the immense geek-gathering of Comic-con.

*mumble mumble Everything good happens in California mumble mumble
Well we will be doing a special thread for the panel on that day so posters who are going can blog about it. Can I get a tentative show of hands of those who are going?
I knew that if I'd gotten tickets to Comic-Con this year (and I was planning on it, until my sister decided to get married that very Saturday only a couple of hours from the Con), I'd get to see Joss. Now I know that I'd have missed him due the wedding. Grrr, argh. Guess I'll head out next year, instead.
I'm so there. If they've got good HSDPA reception there, I might try live commenting. :)
Can I get a tentative show of hands of those who are going?

Unfortunately, no longer me. It was a nice fantasy, but somehow scaring up hundreds in airfare and trying to find a place to stay two weeks beforehand? Unrealistic. Heh.

(But maybe I'll print out my ticket confirmation and wear it while reading WHEDONesque posts that day.)

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Going, but any report I give will be contingent on me figuring out my hotel's wifi stuff, as well as not being too exhausted after walking back to the hotel. So I'm not one to count on. And I'm sure many others will be blogging right in room 20 and much better than I could do, so no worries. But I'll be there with bells on!

I'm psyched he's got a big room! I guess I can sit through a Heroes panel if it means I can shimmy closer to Joss.
I'll be there. Probably won't post from the Con (I don't fancy the idea of toting my laptop all day), but I live in San Diego so I'll be posting when I get home that evening.
I'll be going, but I won't be posting anything until I'm back home on Sunday. I'm a bit too nervous to bring my laptop with me.
I won't be there for this panel, unfortunately. I'll only be there Thursday and in the morning on Friday. Will be hoping for a detailed account!
Oh my post disappeared: I plan to be there, I plan to spend all day Saturday camped out in Ballroom 20!
Has there ever been any discussion of a Whedonesque booth at comic-con or at one of the wizard-world shows?

I've seen Browncoat booths at the Chicago Wizard World but never a Whedonesque booth per se. Just wondering. I think it would be a blast to meet some of you wild and crazy fans.
Alexreager the California Browncoats (particularly the SoCal group, but they get help from all over) have tables A7 and A8 at Comic Con this year, you should definitely go over there! There will be signings, and they'll be selling mugs for charity, and it will be continually manned by very cool fans off all things Whedon!
Yes. Post info whenever you can. We love reading your War Stories.

Sneak peeks! Whoo-hoo!
Yes indeed! Now that Joss is confirmed, we expect all Whedonites to stop by the Browncoat tables and say hey. We've got those mugs embers mentioned, and all kinds of shiny merchandise. We also have another awesome prize drawing this year.

It's a good year for fans to attend, I'm pretty sure Joss won't be the only one from the 'verse showing up. Considering we are working with Mark Sheppard, I think there's a good chance he'll be there too :)
I'll be there, too, laptop and all. What they have planned already looks good, and at least the organizers are spreading out the cool panels and such this year. It also reminds me to get tickets for 2008 a few minutes after arriving for this year's shindig.
I'll be there all 5 days as well but probably will not have internet access until I get home Sunday night.
I'll be there and as long as my kids are amenable, I'll be at Joss' panel AND I'll post when we get back to the hotel Saturday night. :-)

I'm not really a Browncoat, but do you think I could still stop by the table and say "hi!" and buy a mug? (Yes, I am shy sometimes :-P)
We definitely want you to stop by the table, say hi, and buy a mug (or 2). I'll be the bald guy looking very happy, and very stressed, and I'll likely remember you if you say your screen name. Can't remember people I've met or their names, but screen names are no problem.
I will probably be going just for Saturday. Probably won't take my laptop because it's heavy and I'll be taking the train to SD and waiting in those horrendously long lines for day tickets that I've just walked past before. I was going to buy five-day passes whether I was sure I was going or not, but I forgot and the deadline passed. Sometimes I wish I had someone smarter than me running my life.
dreamlogic says:

Wish I could be there but with all the fiasco of just trying to get online, get airfare, get a hotel room, I just plain run out of steam. It would be very interested to read thoughts on the comic con. Did you say you could text by your phone? :)

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Yes, but not very well. If there's a major announcement I'll try to post it immediately. I'm going for sure, barring unforeseen events. That geekly excitement is building again:)
Sometimes the database here gets a snag and if it's busy that day, (like I'm sure it will be)-- I'll be checking on Twitter if you post there, too.

(Just trying to post this has been a challenge! Database is busy today!)

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