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July 06 2007

Reflections on Reflections in Buffy Season 8, Issue 4. Our man Pointy writes about the themes in the last issue of 'The Long Way Home'. It's in six sections and here's the links to the other five parts: Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V and Part VI.

Let me stipulate: “The Gift” makes me cry. Every time. Just the notes of the theme music make me cry. The shot of James Marsters as Spike bawling his un-beating heart out convulsively=me.

Me too, usually. Pointy, those are some fine essays you've written -- full of clever insights and astute observations. Well done.
I love his insights into the relationship between Buffy and Dawn, especially as relates to Buffy's self-focused sacrifice in The Gift.

Looking forward to more, Pointy.
For more brilliant analyses of all things Joss - or Joss-related - by Pointy, check out the whole "The Joss Continuum" thread on the Goners board. (This thread actually began its life about a year or so ago on Whedonesque.)
Nice one Pointy, insights a plenty.

I particularly liked the mirror stuff and how Buffy is a much better sister to Willow than she has been (so far) to Dawn. Kind of a slightly darker side to Joss' thing about 'chosen families'.

And from "Under Your Spell", the line that always makes me saddest that Tara died is "I figured that was my place", she just didn't have long enough where she always deserved to be, in the sun.

(in 'Angel' when Fred says "Handsome man saved me from the monsters" I get the same feeling cos of course, he didn't, not in the end)
Great analysis Pointy.

Have to admit finding the Warren-Willow mirroring kind of creepifying.
I would have thanked you all sooner, but I didn't want the praise to stop.

And then it just stopped.

Thank you 1starbucktown, and I've always thought you deserved a 2nd; thank you, ohbejoyful, and I will; thank you samatwitch, especially for directing people to the Continuum where JayneLovesVera shines on like the moon and the stars and the sun; and thank you Saje, for providing additional essay-fodder; and thank you, barboo for using the word "creepifying."
I was too late to get on the Praising Train! Blasted employment! (;

In all seriousness, however, Pointy, you almost made me cry (at the aforementioned place of employment, which would have been somewhat...awkward). You reminded me why I love Buffy, why it is worth going back to time and again. And you said it much more eloquently than I could ever hope to do. So thank you for sharing.
Wow, Pointy. That was great. Though now I'm not sure if I should be thankful for your insights or ruing you right now.


I was sad when Tara died. It was tragic and bad and caused a lot to go down in the last few episodes of Season 6. But I didn't cry. And I didn't dwell. I couldn't really explain why her death didn't hit me the way Angel's, Joyce's, or The Gift Buffy's did. As far as major character deaths went, it never felt like my heart was being ripped out.

Until about 20 minutes ago.

This morning I happened to watch Family as I was getting ready for work. I had Tara on the brain. Then, I read your reviews. I can honestly say that I never thought of the Willow/Warren connection before. And yet, it fits in perfectly. It got me a little riled up. I felt more sympathy for Tara, more anger at Willow. At lunch, I had the iPod on shuffle and what should come up but 'I'm Under Your Spell'.

Well, that did it. I burst into tears. Right there on the sidewalk. I'm sure I looked psychotic, but I couldn't help it. Tara's death finally hit me. I get it now. So much so that I can't imagine why it's taken me this long.

Right now, I'm a little bit devastated. But in a good way. I think? I hope...
Thank you, MadeToLoveJoss!

I'm sorry, MadeToLoveJoss!

And WillowSlay, now I've got Cat Stevens singing "Praise Train" in my head. And I'm liking it wwwaaaayyy too much. ;-)
MadeToLoveJoss: It took a while for Tara's death to hit you, huh? It hit me like sixteen tons and two ounces of bricks. I've always admired her. Tara was the quiet one, yet so strong in her convictions. She cared for those around her in such a pure way, and Amber brought a subdued yet rootsy quality to her.

Anyway, welcome to the smallish yet not silent group of fans who loved, and continue to love, Tara. We're called "kittens," named after Ms. Kitty Fantastico. We're just hopin' Joss is among us, but we aren't holding our collective breath just yet. Warren and Amy seem to be gettin' more attention right now.
Haven't had a chance to read this yet, but I will over the weekend. Just wanted to chime in and say- count me among the kittens. Of course, my handle probably gives that away. :)
quantumac:I noticed you used "kittens" with a small "k" so I choose to assume some significance thereby.

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