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July 06 2007

Dexter among dramas on Emmys shortlist. The shortlist of this year's nominees has been leaked and the Dexter episode "Born Free" is on the list.

This is great news. Dexter is something special.
I actually watch half of these shows which will probably mean the other half will make the cut. I can't express how much I love Friday Night Lights.
I hope Julie picks up a nom for besr supporting actress.
Go Dexter! This show was the best thing on TV last year.

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Haven't gotten to see this yet, but it is being shown on the UK FX channel starting this Sunday so it's Sky+'d Good luck to Julie, hope she picks up an award.
As much as I like Julie Benz in Dexter, it's a really tough call for me between her and Minnie Driver in "The Riches" she gives such a great performance on that show.
It's a total shame that The Wire and Deadwood didn't make the cut. I understand why, they are both "hard" and require the viewer to pay attention. Neither one slows down for the viewer. One is entirely about black and poor people, which is not going to resonate with Emmy voters. I remember David Simon saying the Emmy magazine did an issue about diversity on television and didn't mention The Wire. Which has, you know, an almost entirely black cast and features more black actors than any show ever. Plus, a few weeks of their combined viewer totals probably draws less than an airing of Grey's Anatomy. If the Emmy drama lineup was chosen from The Wire, Deadwood,The Shield, Dexter , The Sopranos and Friday Night Lights, no one would actually want to watch. No one watches those shows. I am glad to see Dexter (the best new show) and Friday Night Lights (the best show on network TV), though. I'd hope it helps lead to several more seasons for both. It's just a shame that The Wire and Deadwood, which really deserve the "best show ever!" praise they receive, don't get any mainstream recognition whatsoever.
Where's Battlestar Galactica?!
I finally got up the nerve to watch 'Born Free' and I'm glad I did. I have to take Dexter in small doses and during the daytime 'cause it's too intense to fall asleep on. (Thank goodness our cable lets you watch ON DEMAND whenever you want) Here's hoping that it gets a nom ... and even the win. I think Julie's great in this too and would love to see her get an emmy.
I agree that "Born Free" could be a clincher for Dexter. It was a terrific capper to a terrific season. Definitely the show I'm most looking forward to.

The Office episode "The Coup" is also on the list, as well as potential noms for Steve Carrell and John Krasinski from that show (and Michael C. Hall for Dexter)

On the negative side: Of course, Lost is nothing compared to Battlestar Galactica, and I suspect the same is true of some of the other dramas on the list (episodes I haven't watched), even if "Through the Looking Glass" was a surprisingly good episode for the show.

And also: nothing against Scrubs per se, but seeing their musical episode on their comedy watch list just made me angry about the "Once More, With Feeling" debacle all over again. The Scrubs episode was good enough, with amusing songs and some mildly emotional moments, but it's nothing near the tour de force of the Buffy episode, which of course got no respect.

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