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July 06 2007

Joss talks to video camera. But not randomly, there is a reason! Earlier this week, MySpace Comic Books asked for questions to ask Joss in a video interview. Here is the result.

Giant insects, hygiene & no talking at dinner. Good times.
Somebody asked about Fray! Fray is not done! That's all Joss will say! Ooh, Fray secrets up Joss' sleave. So exciting!
That was a nice little Friday afternoon treat. Thanks for taking the time Joss. And, yay...Fray!

I still think that Fray is not done because it factors into Season 8 somewhere.
"I still think that Fray is not done because it factors into Season 8 somewhere."

I would be happy with that. Very very happy.
Gotta wonder. Canonically, 'Fray' hints at the end of Buffy's story so it'd make sense for S8 to lead there but it'd presumably mean there'd be no possibility of a 'Season 9'.

A cross-over (or maybe more like a 'segue') could definitely work though (imagine Fray getting in deep doo-doo only for a portal to open and 500 Slayers to pour through ;). Part of me wants Buffy to get the happy 'real girl' ending, part of me would love to see her still fighting the fight hundreds of years in the future.

(and nice snippet, Joss doing that thing. Gotta say though, cane and all, I quite fancy Warren Ellis' chances, especially post signing session ;)

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I still think that Fray is not done because it factors into Season 8 somewhere.

So I've been hoping.
'Fray' hints at the end of Buffy's story so it'd make sense for S8 to lead there but it'd presumably mean there'd be no possibility of a 'Season 9'.

Just because something regarding Fray might factor into Season 8 (again, remembering this is all just wild freaking speculation) doesn't mean that Season 8 has to lead directly into the above.

(I say that in part because I don't happen to believe that Season 8's run is the end of the Buffy comics.)
I really should read Fun Home. It does get consistently and highly recommended by quite a few people whose opinions I respect.
Hee hee. Oh, to be rich and near San Diego. :)
Joss is going to make 'Fray the Movie'! (Okay, I know, he didn't say that)... And there will be giant insects attacking Comic Con!

Oh don't mind me, I've had too much sun, and I love a Joss video (so was that his house? And what happened to all the books that belonged on those empty shelves?). I seriously need to start reading more Warren Ellis!
Jossiness makes me smile. Glad to hear he has much cooking for our enjoyment. And good timing the annual bath with the ComicCon dinner :)
Joss=Webisode Ready!
Very nice indeed, would have been better if my ill quickly thought out "how do you react to criticism" question has been included but it was a cool q&a regardless.
I had no hope whatsoever that my, "Are there any outtakes or a gag reel from the R. Tam Sessions, and if so will we ever see them?" question would get asked.
He'd better be careful about threatening Warren Ellis. That English bastard has an army of filthy assistants behind him.
Though Warren has the best mods around, Joss has got us. Whether or not that's a good thing is another story.
Fray has already featured in S8- one of the lingering in the background slayer types was reading it in comic book form.
That's the kind of verse-within-a-verse stuff that makes my head hurt.

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I've been wondering if the Slayer reading 'Fray' is a subtle hint. Maybe it's pointing towards some (possibly paradoxical) time-travel plot whereby Buffy and Fray meet ?

(which would seem to be the only way Fray can be involved without S8 leading directly up to the end of magic)

Could just be a quick meta-textual joke of course but unlike the 'Serenity' T-shirt, the 'Fray' comic must, by necessity, be outside the Buffyverse (because the events of 'Fray' are within it).
*sigh* That was so incredibly awesome on all levels.

And it's okay, Joss. We already knew everyone in Goners was a...wait for it...wait for it...goner. Oh, how I tickle me.

By the way, if anyone wants to see me, I'm one of the only nine (!!!) commenting users, With Our Love We Could Save the World.
Bloody hell, Saje, got an aspirin?
Joss's sense of humor! and tragedy. Oh my. Write more, Joss-man. Write more.
I actually have a feeling that Fray will NOT be involved in the 'Season 8' comic. Joss could do so much with the way the original Fray comic ended that I seriously doubt he'd use her in a comic outside her own. Or maybe he doesn't even mean comics. The bastard's always so vague!
MySpace Comic Books sent out a new bulletin, reproduced below is a small excerpt.

We got over 400 responses in two days -- amazing. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, we couldn't ask them all, but Joss wanted to say: "To everybody who submitted a question, I love you more than everybody else who submitted a question. Just you. If I didn't answer your question, that means I love you more. The most, maybe."

I couldn't think of a question, so I didn't ask one. Does that mean that Joss loves b!x more than me?
embers, I'm sure you fit into some other category that joss loves more than any other, it just has not come up yet. It will though, it will. ;-)

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