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"Harmony has minions?"
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July 06 2007

He's the Executive Producer. Scott Allie updates the Buffy Zone about how much Joss is involved with Season 8. Some new info aswell.

Cliff Richards will be the guest artist on the standalone issue 10.He worked on the old Buffy comic series.
I'm really glad Cliff Richards is coming back for an issue. I really enjoyed his work during the original Buffy comic run.
Has the Faith cover been shown before? My God, does that look good.
Jane Espenson! It's been confirmed! ...I'm pretty sure before it had just been speculation, but if I'm wrong, 'scuse me.

And Cliff Richards is good.
I think Joss has previously said Jane, Doug Petrie and the two Drews would be doing issues but it's nice to hear it re-iterated (of Jane at least) and obviously that neither guarantees their involvement nor precludes others'.

And yeah WilliamTheB the Faith cover's been linked before. I can't get enough of seeing it though, it's, well it's a work of art ;).
Well, *nothing* really means exactly the same thing from one medium to another. Features and TV use "director" and "producer" very differently when you think about it.

As for Cover Girl Faith, well, I'm not complaining but that waistline is only technically street-legal, right *grin?

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