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July 06 2007

Drive no longer. FOX removes the air dates for the final episodes of Drive, so Friday the 13th wasn't lucky after all. So the final episodes produced won't air.

I mailed and checked before posting -- it has indeed been dropped. Something else will take it's scheduled timeslot shortly.

well that suxs big time
Reruns of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, probably.
I'm thinking Anger Management II.
Blasted. They did that to Tru Calling too. So, who's going to start the DVD campaign?

If I were Tim Minear, I would like to have a nice long talk with whoever is with programming. First, they "split" the season, then we hear there were only six episodes made, and the last two would be shown on the 4th, then the 13th...and now this????
Will they at least have them available online? They at least did that for that reality show about the crazy boss. This is just unacceptable.

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Wasn't the season ender for Standoff scheduled originally for the 13th? It'd be nice if they actually aired it...
Ya know, when I first got my cable, I had to manually set all the stations to tune in (don't even ask what a pain in the arse that was)...I'm wondering if I can turn Fox back off. GRR!
I was going to say something much saltier, but I guess "Grr. Argh" will have to suffice. Sigh...
cabri, I think they're putting Standoff back in Drive's place (confused yet?), along with a repeat of Bones. Although I might be wrong.
I am just not surprised. What was the point anyway? There was no ending to it.

I hate FOX!
Gawd, I HATE those dumbasses!
I guess Tim will just have to show up at Comic-Con with a DVD of the final two episodes in hand.
bix, only if he then tells us stories about what happens after the cliffhanger in the 6th episode.
Somebody find Tim's weak spot and bribe him.
Somebody find Tim's weak spot and bribe him.

Maybe if the guy who won it at Backup Bash finally put Tim's script for The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress online, he would reward us.
cabri, I just confirmed, Standoff and Bones areon next Friday in Drive's place.

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Thank you, gossi! You're a sweetheart. :) Now if you would only get rid of those porn spammers on Goners, I would love you forever and ever...
I'm extremely disappointed.
To quote Jayne, "Saw that comin'."
Maybe if enough of us e-mail FOX at and ask them to place the episodes at least on line for folks that would at least something.
"And you're what, shocked and disappointed? I'm evil" -fox exec..oh wait that was Spike.
I sent an email...but I doubt it would do any good. Anyone else just tired and over the whole FOX thing? Seriously...they are like a toxic friend you just gotta ditch or they will just bring you down.
"Par for the course" someone once said. If they can stop a season in 2 or 6 or 13 episodes, why not reverse what they said about airing any episodes that didnt run. Stupid Fux.
I am shocked that Fox would do such a thing. How unlike them. This is certainly the most surprising news I've heard in the last few seconds.
Still on the message board as FINAL TWO EPISODES BACK TO BACK JULY 13 8/7 c

Send them an email too. Are we sure it isn't a computer glitch? I had to email them before about the 4th being on one page and the 13 on another. Fixed. Not fixed. Fixed.

Drive now gone from here:

No air date here anymore:
What the heck? Can't they just put them online and get it over with????
Another example of grotesque capitalism and an unfair ratings systems trampling quality and a need for creativity on television.
See Fox does listen. They just took the FINAL TWO EPISODES off of

I got a snapshot of it before it went away.

Going to see Waitress again tomorrow.

Here, have an unconditional hug.

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Another example of grotesque capitalism and an unfair ratings systems trampling quality and a need for creativity on television.

You know, you can't really criticize "grotesque capitalism" for trampling on creativity when they had to ante up several million dollars just to have the show be produced in the first place. It's that capitalism that allows us to have shows with such high production values on the air in the first place.
Yes. And they know damn well how much something is going to cost before it even goes to air. They have bean counters doing the math before the first ep even gets shot!

Networks crying "boo hoo it cost too much, wahh we had to cancel it" just doesn't wash. They did the same lameass trick with Deadwood. Like they didn't fucking know from the get-go. They have more money than most small countries, and they know exactly what they are getting into. They throw the equivalent of the national deficit at shit like LOST (please don't argue here - it is just. not. any. good.), and we lose. We lose every time.

Makes me nauseous.

(cussed a lot there, but that's what I do when I get mad.)
This is just sick and wrong.
WHAT?! Ugh. I was just talking today about how excited I was about it. Goodness. I hate fox.
I see that today is my monthly "Here is the new reason I hate Fox with my heart and soul" post to Whedonesque. sigh.
Firefly made it to DVD because we just wouldn't let (or shut) up, so that doesn't count. But Wonderfalls was cut awfully early and still DVD-ed, for example, so I guess there's hope. But only six episodes makes for a skimpy disc (there aren't any more in any state of filmage, right?).
Right, RBB. I'm mostly just waiting for the last two to show up on iTunes and Unbox so I can dl the set. Hopefully next week since the chances of them getting aired are slimmer and slimmer every hour.
My question is, why do they even bother saying they'll air the final episodes in the first place?
Wasn't the season ender for Standoff scheduled originally for the 13th? It'd be nice if they actually aired it...

Does that mean 'Standoff' is cancelled too ?

Pity about 'Drive', I feel for you guys, but being as it was cancelled before i watched any this is the perfect excuse to just wipe any episodes that, err, may have somehow ended up on my hard-drive. Been wondering whether to watch, 4 episodes just doesn't seem worth it.

And I doubt there'll be a DVD, as someone says above, it's not justified for 6 eps. Hell, 'The Inside' has 13 eps and a kinda-sorta natural end-point (a la 'Wonderfalls') and that's not out nor looking like it will be.
FOX sucks. Not surprising at all. But it still stings.

Drive wasn't one of the best shows on TV, but it was enjoyable. Which is more than can be said about a lot of the stuff networks, especially FOX, put on.
"And we're what .... surprised by this?" :) Oh, and What Willowy Said only with even more profanity.
The sad truth is that I was really disappointed with Drive, the only thing I really liked about it was Nathan.

In the meantime, tonight I watched the beginning of the "encore presentation" of the first season of Jerico, actually a very good show. At the end there was a little blip of Skeet Ulrich saying "Thanks for bringing us back, it's your show now."
Fox is not only evil, they're stupid in the bargain.
Grrr Argh indeed. Emphasis on grrrrr.
Grr, what a bunch of idiots!
Disappointed. And yet somehow, not surprised. I look at FOX's fall schedule and see only one show I expect to watch, so that's all they'll get from me--and it's not New Amsterdam. Not that they care.
Anyone else just tired and over the whole FOX thing? Seriously...they are like a toxic friend you just gotta ditch or they will just bring you down.

Right? I have just had it with those people.
F*X just can't get a clue, can they? I still say they should let Tim film a seventh "Closure" Episode, so that they can put Drive on DVD. They'd recoup their losses, and make oodles. But Nooooooo.....
I will never invest my time in watching another show on Fox again.
Yes, Saje. Standoff is canceled as well. They haven't stated it officially, but no continuing show is scheduled the way Standoff has been in the last 6 months and it is very widely assumed as dead and gone.
Agreed, zengrrl. Never again. They have the right to cancel their shows, but not to lie to us! I have been looking forward to the last two episodes for these past few months, only to have them yank them at the last minute. They are disrespecting their audiences feelings and I won't be treated that way by them anymore. Fox will never appear on my TV ever again.

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TamaraC, Standoff is also not on the fall pickups from FOX. So it's officially cancelled. They just haven't announced it as cancelled in Variety. FOX lied to fans for a long time claiming it wasn't cancelled for whatever reason, I don't know.
Adding to the "not surprised" folks here... *sigh* Come on, Fox, really.
Yeah, gossi. I know. You wouldn't believe the people in denial who argue with me about it though. But then, you probably would believe it.
Never had a chance to watch an episode, they didn't air over here. Did read the transcripes from TwOP and Tim's site, thought the show sounded solid. Couple things I will miss seeing though. That really nice ass shot of Kristin Lehman and Nathan going pedal-to-the-metal in his '70 Challenger. Heh, I'm only human;)
Y'know, I think they really don't actually know what the hell they are doing or even make an effort to act consistently with respect to anything but their current cash cows.

I know they make lots of money and are therefore presumed to be canny, but I truly think they just fiddle around blindly with most of their non-blockbuster scheduling, to see what happens-a kind of unstructured experimental approach to demographics and marketing.

This kind of weird juggling around, with multiple false announcements is goofy, and can hardly be a strategic manoever. It makes no sense, except insofar as it shows they don't much care what happens with a particular not enormous group of viewers.
Yes, Saje. Standoff is canceled as well.

Shite. Not a perfect show by any stretch but it had its moments. And Gina doesn't deserve that (nor Ron Livingstone, nor most of the cast).

Got the luxury of following 'House' and 'Bones' on DVD/'other means'. Mofos are lucky I don't have an actual say, s'all i'm saying.
I'm wondering if I can turn Fox back off. GRR!

my tv has a censorship function (for parents to control what their spawn watch i guess) that allows you to black out a channel - when you channel surf, it skips right past the censored channel. i've had Fox blacked out for a couple of years now, and only unblocked it so i could watch Drive. the minute it was cancelled Fox went back to being blacked out.

i feel like a moron for not automatically assuming they would screw us on the last 2 eps, doh.
I was thinking about Fox the other day and it occurred to me when Joss does return to telly, that network might be the only one willing to give him a chance. Just a thought.
You'd kinda hope he'd hold out for premium cable though. I mean if people like Alan Ball can jump from writing sitcom Cybil to award-winning American Beauty and then manage to realize something as special as Six Feet Under on HBO...and David Milch went from NYPD Blue to Deadwood on the same network...David Chase from a bunch of stuff I can't remember/haven't seen including Hill Street Blues to The Sopranos...Shawn Ryan jumped from Angel to The Shield (probably the shortest trip from bit part network TV writer to hit series cable creator)...Ryan Murphy had the WB's Popular before Nip/Tuck...etc...

It doesn't seem like you even need to have had a long-running successful series to nab a spot on HBO, FX, or Showtime. Apparently you just have to go to them with a great idea, at the right time when they're in need of new shows (right now would be perfect, with many long-runners ending or having recently ended). And be someone they want to work with. Given the diverse backgrounds of genres of the folks running these cable shows, Joss seems like someone they'd jump at the chance to work with.

All I'm saying is, he should hold out for cable. There's a greater chance his ideas will be wasted on network and he's been burned twice by 'em, once majorly (though that's nothing compared to Tim Minear, ouch).

And no bitching about not being able to afford cable for the three months a new 12-episode Joss series would be on. If you can afford the internet and regular TV, you can probably get it together for cable. If not, I'll burn ya'll copies.
To be honest, if Fox was truly the only network that would give Joss a chance again then I'd say that he was better off not returning to television at all. I'd rather never see another Joss show than see one begin with the kind of promise that Firefly had and have it axed before the pilot finished airing, which is the likely outcome of any Joss related show on Fox. Sad but true.

I'd much rather see what Kris suggests above happen and Joss end up on a cable channel that is more open to his kind of show. I always believed that any Spike or Faith show would benefit from being able to be a little more adult. Same goes for any show Joss wanted to do. Sure, we would have to accept shorter seasons of around twelve episodes but think how good they would be. Joss Whedon allowed to experiment with a show on the same level as Dexter or Deadwood? I'd be there.
So onboard with the "Joss should be on cable" crowd. For one thing, cable does material that's actually worthy of his talent. And if I can afford it as poor as I am, anyone can :)My real justification being that I'm definitely never going to be able to afford going to a con.
Come on Tim, leak them to the net!

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