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July 06 2007

One family's attempt to have dinner with Joss. This is awfully cute, but I'm thinking they won't raise the $5,000 currently necessary to get into the running for the Big Damn Dinner tickets!

That's righteous.
I wish I had their motivation. I'm still recovering from CSTS 2007. No energy, no cashy money left.

But they are awesome for doing what they have. And it's a family affair too. Gotta love it. I wish them a miracle.
Wicked! Is that Mickey and his mom from the Back Up Bash? Way to go guys (and mom!).
(edited because I'm dumb)

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I love stuff like this, good luck to them.
They make me feel like a lazy, selfish clod.

Way to set a good example for the rest of us, Unnamed Family
These people rock. I hope they pull it off!
From the text associated with the pictures, this appears to be the "Darling Family". Don't know if that helps folks that went to the backup bash or not, but...
Way to make me cry when I should be in bed sleeping.

I really love this family. No matter what happens, they are just aces in my book. I think it was the whole clan including kids trooping on in the 116o heat that made me tear up.

Damn. They're inspiring... I just hate that.
I cried, too!

What (I think) is MUCH more important than a one hour meal with his Jossness, is that there are now 2 little boys who will grow up with the message that violence against women is NOT okay.

And that is SO cool!
That is such a wonderful story. Great family, wonderful message both to the children and to anyone who hears about this....if anyone can appreciate what this family has been doing, Joss Whedon will. Dinner or no dinner, this is such an awe-inspiring story!
Psst... Joss. Take these folks to lunch one day, will ya? ;-)

I aspire to be this kind of parent. As I think I've mentioned, both my kids are having their bar/bat mitzvahs this year. At the celebration following Max's service, each of the tables will be identified by a picture of one of our nine living pets and three deceased ones - all of whom are rescue animals (except our Corgi, Fonzie). We're asking our guests to bring an item from a list provided by the local shelter from which we got two of our furry friends, so that by the end of the afternoon we can drive over and give a little back to a place that has provided much joy to our family.

I believe the children are our, never mind. ;-)
Woke up to find the following e-mail in my InBox:

Unfortunately we don't have memberships on Whedonesque,
But yes it is Monique and Mikey from the backup bash
My husband is Nate and our two younger boys are Ronan 8
and Riley 6.
If you have a chance to post it thanks.

So, yes, this absolutely darling family are the Darlings...
Yay! I remember Mikey really well. (He wore a 'Cheese' shirt from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends). He was THE sweetest guy. I didn't get a chance to talk to his mom very much but she is on the Back Up Bash forum under "TeacherDarling."

Geesh, I should go do something honorable. *wink*
I think the efforts of this family towards this cause is one of the sweetest things I've seen in my life and a true lesson of family values. I wish my best towards the Darlings. Wonderful people!
These folks sure make me feel like a lazy mom/person. I hope they get something even greater than they already have form this.
posted by: missb
What (I think) is MUCH more important than a one hour meal with his Jossness, is that there are now 2 little boys who will grow up with the message that violence against women is NOT okay.

Even better just having the message -- they know how to pass it on to others.

What a great story and what wonderful lessons these boys are learning about life and life-coping skills, as well as the Equality Now message and passing it on!
If the Darlings are reading this - you should put a PayPal button on your website. I would donate a few bucks to help you towards your goal! With the power of Whedonesque behind you, you could raise a lot of money for Equality Now!
THANK YOU everyone for your warm wishes and support. Ronan raised close to $500 and much awareness :) If anyone would like any info to help them do a fundraiser let us know.
Welcome to Whedonesque Teacherdarling! Your efforts in fundraising is an inspiration to us all, and you have a wonderful family (will you all be at Comic con together?).
Yep, this is the first year I am bringing the whole family, I have gone the past two years with my girlfriends, so it's going to be an adventure for sure.
Teacherdarling- Greetings from a fellow teacher AND a fellow parent crazy enough to committed to giving her kids a good time at Comic Con for our first time together this year! You really are an inspiration! :-D
Hi Oz Lady, how many kids do you have? any boys? We should have lunch together :)Comic Con is going to be awesome!
Teacherdarling - welcome to Whedonesque!
Teacherdarling- two kids! The younger is a boy, and he's twelve (but a young twelve ;-). My email address can be found by clicking on my user name below; drop me an email and we will TOTALLY make some lunch plans! :-D

I love the 'verse. It's a dating service, a charity organization, and a mothers' group all rolled into one! :-D

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