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July 06 2007

Browncoats' Yearbook Announced. The Southeastern Browncoats have created a shiny yearbook with proceeds going to charity. Firefly fans everywhere will enjoy over 500 photos on 170 pages, showcasing events, art, and a few interviews too :-)

They, uh... really need a copy editor.
Wasn't this announced two years ago?

Oh, I guess that was a different one. It was called The Browncoat Book and they were taking payments and submissions (I entered a poem) and then they disappeared. Hmmmm...

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Yeah, ESG, I'm with you on wondering what happened to The Browncoat Book. I submitted stuff as well...
This was conceived at the Panel That Wasn't at Dragon*Con last year. Fans had lined up to wait for a final panel by Summer Glau, but she was delayed at the Walk of Fame and finally cancelled the panel so we had in impromptu sing-along and folks were signing each others Dragon*Con books when the idea came up. We have been collecting stuff all year and made several requests for submissions on the Southeastern Browncoats' lists.

This one won't disappear, though it has been almost cancelled a few times before the deposits started showing up. We definitely have the funds to print and will have the first editions at Dragon*Con this September.

Sorry about the apostrophe placement, but you could say the yearbook belongs to them what brung it.....
I hope it's not being printed by Cafepress or Lulu, as they'll reject it on copyright grounds. I'd be careful selling it online as Universal and Fox's lawyers are known to be a bit rubbish.

Browncoat Book is still planned as far I'm aware. They never took payment up front. I think it's stuck in development hell.
The content is totally fan based. There isn't anything that could be considered proprietary or encroaching, just fan photos and articles.

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