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July 07 2007

iF Magazine Interview with Nathan Fillion. Drive, Lost, Waitress, Firefly and Serenity all get a mention.

Nice little interview. I'm so happy Waitress is doing so well; they've kept it for several weeks at my town's local "art movie" theater, and people who do not know my obsessions have come up to me and asked, "Have you seen Waitress? Good movie!" Although I really didn't get into Drive, I'm really sorry that the last two episodes are not going to be seen. Reading an interview held before the cancellation is a little bittersweet. I'm hoping he gets a return episode on Lost, as well as other good film roles. I think Waitress might be his ticket to some major films (not that Serenity wasn't major!).
Thanks for posting the interview.
You're welcome.
Great article. Thanks!
That boy just makes me laugh like a drain. This was my favorite bit:

iF: What shows do you watch?

FILLION: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. I will not miss THE OFFICE. LOST I will not miss. What else? THE FAMILY GUY I watch. I watch a lot of National Geographic, I watch a lot of Discovery, I watch a lot of History Channel documentaries. I put in a search on my TiVo for the words, ‘shark,’ ‘bear,’ ‘attack’ [laughs].

That, and he taught himself to WELD ... (?!)
Yeah - I was impressed by that, too. Not a whole lot of room for error in the welding process. Sure hope one of the things he learned by trial and error wasn't, "Hmm. Should really get me one of those mask thingies."

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