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July 07 2007

Review of Runaways #27 from ComiXtreme. Reviewer Scott A. Williams loved the latest issue, and so did I.

Williams called out all my favorite moments from the issue but one: Molly's "no boy zone" panel had me in stitches. I have been enjoying this arc immensely, and can't wait to see the Runaways bump into the characters revealed on the final page!

I love Molly's expressions.

And the heartstopping hologram appearance.
Well, it can only be one person, I think. I have not got my issue yet. But Molly is heart and soul of the series, no question.
I'm still trying to come up with something pretentious to say about this, something theme-y, but . . . I'm just enjoying it. A lot. Especially Molly.
I want to see if Molly punches the Adjudicator in the junk. He is the turn of the century version of the Punisher, right?
Saturn Girl, that's what I figured too, yeah--Joss is paralleling the 1907 setting with 2007 by having a proto-Punisher.

I'm not getting over how much I love that cover any time soon. Are there Runaways posters ? I want that as a poster. Next issue's cover is also stunning, with Victor and that red-headed rhythm/flying mutant dancing.

Like Tristan's clockwork/gears wings. He has to be something created/augmented with wings like that, right ? Naturally being a mutant wouldn't produce wings like that, I don't think.

I love that Joss is using some of The Pride. Even if it's only in the way Brian K. Vaughan brought one of them back, by featuring a past-version. Did anyone think it was a little weird for the kids to assume that all their folks died during the explosion [or implosion?] of the Gibborim's underwater temple at the end of Volume 1 ? That's way too easy.

Not surprisingly, this is the most twisty Runaways arc yet. A lot has happened/been set-up in only three issues. When I started the issue, I was all in the mindset of, "Okay, new arc--time travel to the past"...and then I remembered that nothing from the Kingpin/present day storyline had been resolved and that this was all part of that. There're a lotta non-main characters being juggled at the moment, I hope this thing doesn't lose focus.

Little comments, here and there...Karolina's definitely gonna confront Xavin about the always-choosing-to-turn-into-a-guy thing some time soon (or maybe not choosing, maybe it just comes naturally to Xavin to choose male disguises when he's not all about Karolina). I don't know enough about Skrulls to feel like I'm fully understanding it--in their natural Skrull form, we've seen your typical green female Skrull before, right ? So they are born with a gender, aren't they ? So Xavin pointing out in his introductory arc that gender doesn't matter to a race of kinda still does, if they were born one or the other and have grown more comfortable in their natural
I loved the panel where everyone breaks cover to save the kids in the fire-- it was nice to see them work so well as a team. It was very iconic too. Similarly I like when we see Karolina angry and proactive.

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