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July 07 2007

Official Serenity Cast Photo T-shirt. I love new Official Firefly/Serenity Merchandise. Don't you? There is also a new Serenity ship one at tfaw.

Serenity Ship and Serenity Cast Photo T-shirt in blue at now has the Fruity Oaty Bar in Women's Jr. Tee.

And look at that now has a Serenity Blue Sun t-shirt along with the Serenity logo and Serenity Cast poster. Before they only had the poster and logo shirt. Some UKers must have been shopping. Search Serenity (2005)

So pretty! I wish Shepard Book and Inara were somehow included in the cast shirt, though.

I always mean to order fandom merchandise, but never seem to get around to it. Maybe this time I will...
I bought my brother a Fruity Oaty Bar shirt for his birthday last month. He loved it, and put it on immediately. It was very appropriate dress for the sushi restaurant we were in.
I didn't realise there were that many t-shirts. Very cool. Gotta get them all (one day).
Here is the list Simon for you to check them off:

Official Universal Serenity t-shirts, tees and hoodies
And Official Firefly shirts

Firefly Browncoats TRIANGLE Logo
Firefly Hero T-Shirt (Captain Malcolm Reynolds) brown
Firefly Hero T-Shirt (Captain Malcolm Reynolds) olive
Firefly Logo Shirt Brown
Firefly Logo Shirt Gray
Firefly Logo Shirt Black
Firefly Logo Womens Shirt Brown
Firefly Logo Zipper Hoodies
Firefly Jayne Public Relations shirt
Firefly Jayne Public Relations Baby Tee

Serenity Bad Guys T-Shirt (Jayne Cobb)
Serenity Blue Sun hoodies
Serenity Blue Sun looks like light or baby blue writing on white
Serenity Blue Sun looks like dark blue writing on white
Serenity Blue Sun Baby Tee
Serenity Browncoat Jogging Jacket
Serenity *Browncoat* I AIM TO MISBEHAVE Baby Tee
Serenity *Browncoat* I AIM TO MISBEHAVE T-Shirt Sheer
Serenity *Browncoat* I AIM TO MISBEHAVE T-Shirt
Serenity *Browncoat* I AIM TO MISBEHAVE Zipper Hoodies brown
Serenity Buddha Baby Tee white on brown
Serenity Buddha T-Shirt green on brown
Serenity Buddha T-Shirt some color on some color (you have to ask)
Serenity Cast Photo Black T-shirt
Serenity Cast Photo Black Baby Tee
Serenity Cast Photo Blue T-shirt
Serenity Fruity Oaty Bar T-Shirt
Serenity Fruity Oaty Bar Women's Jr. Tee
Serenity Logo Baby Tee
Serenity Logo T-Shirt
Serenity Logo Zipper Hoodies Black
Serenity River T-Shirt (River Tam)
Serenity Ship T-Shirt
Serenity Sihnon Companion Academy Baby Tee
Frakking shiny!

I love fandom shirts.

That one with Serenity (the ship) on it...I need that.
The "Time for some thrilling heroics" non-official t-shirt with South Park-styled Jayne that I bought from I-can't-remember-where is still my favorite. My sister got a "No power in the 'verse can stop me" River tote bag from that Cafe Press salesperson and I also bought the Kaylee "Shiny" magnet.

Any news on the lunch box ? It's still cancelled, isn't it ?

I bought the new Serenity ship T yesterday... I have a weakness.
Love the "Public Relations" shirt. Hee!
I've seen these before, they are really nice. I make my own shirts :)
Kris | July 08, 14:55 CET
Any news on the lunch box ? It's still cancelled, isn't it ?


I agree :(

Last, I read Dark Horse is trying to work something out. So that could be a deal being made or the fruity oaty bar side of the box being replaced I think Dark Horse will work something out. There is money to be made. I hope whatever happens is just as shiny.
I would be thrilled with a Serenity lunch box that was simply covered with the comic book artwork. I can only wear so many t-shirts, and I already own too many, but a cool lunch box can be really useful!
I don't understand why Book and Inara aren't included. They are BDHs, and they are cast members. Just because their parts were reduced in Serenity? That's not cool.

Especially since this is "the official" cast photo shirt? Sucks for the actors, I'd imagine.
For me the problem with shirts like this is that when you live in an area around NYC, you have to be careful where you wear them. I had never had a shirt from a project I had not worked on myself. It was in the back of my head that if I wear a Serenity shirt in NYC, it would seem like I had worked on the movie. Then I said, don't be silly and wore it anyway. Sure enough, the first time I wore it, I got asked if I worked on the movie by a total, but very nice, stranger. (sigh) So now I only wear it if I am on vacation somewhere that is not a filmmaking city. (I got a big thumbs up from I guy at the ranger station at Shenendoah National Park.) Anybody else have that problem?
I saw a guy wearing a Serenity t-shirt at an airport last week. It's the first time I've seen something like that not at a related event. Very exciting. Didn't say anything, but I was very amused. Also found out after the fact that I may have been in the same building as Ron Glass, who was attending some convention. So it's been a brush-with-Serenity trip.

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