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July 08 2007

iPhones, Phil Carey, the Softwire, and free kefir. I checked it is set to public readable. Whoo-hoo! Nathan is already working on getting in shape for those Desperate Housewives!

I'm not a technophile, I've resisted getting a cell phone (not until I absolutely need it for a job or a cross-country trip or something). But even I'll admit that the iPhone looks fun and sexy. If Apple had Nathan as their spokesperson and he was throwing out lines in commercials like the following ?

"I rub, slide, flick, and pinch like I'm on a third date at a county fair."

That'd help sell some phones, I think.

First time I've read Nathan's blog--his cat is named "Dirty Cat" ? And it's a girl cat being named that ? That's awesome.

Nathan just discovered health shakes ? Funny that he was initially against them, must've had some bad experiences. Any time I buy 'em, they taste great.

So the trainer who got Brad Pitt looking like he did in Troy is now getting Nathan in [better] shape for Desperate Housewives...yeah, I think I'm definitely in. And if there're lots of gratuitous shots in DP like there were in Serenity when Inara's call woke up Mal and his pants where barely hanging on...I need to stop there and go to work now.
So, it's Nathan spreading the rumors about being on Desperate Housewives.

I really enjoy his blogs. If he becomes a much bigger star via DH, I fear we'll see fewer blogs from him.
I'm amused that Nathan gave a shout out to the street I live on. And I'll be trying one of those health shakes today... I've walked by the place a half dozen times and was planning on stopping in soon anyway.
Think his 'Desperate Housewife' will refer to him as "Captain" in the bedroom? I would just die...

Love ya', Big Guy!
Awww, a little piece of blog heaven from Nathan. I love this man :)
Nebula1400 | July 08, 16:17 CET
I really enjoy his blogs. If he becomes a much bigger star via DH, I fear we'll see fewer blogs from him.


Yes. I just hope he doesn't get rid of his page.

Lady Brick,

Be sure to mention that Nathan Fillion send you. Report back if you can what happens. Like the owner says...I didn't realize Nathan Fillion had 31,000 friends...
Nathan won't be the star of Desperate Housewives, so I have a feeling he'll still blog. He did while he was in production for Drive. If anything makes him stop, it will be the weirdness of MySpace. I really respect his affection for "family," be it a soap or any other project and for talking about Phil Carey, one of those great character actors who has been around forever (and who appeared in an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker).

Anyway, he's always upbeat, funny, and saucy. I have no idea what he means about "good with his hands," do you? :>0
I stopped by today but I didn't mention Nathan... I was with a friend, I'd been planning on stopping by anyway, and I'm not a fan of coconut. I got some crazy green juice. It was a little heavy on the coriander for my taste, but it did clear my sinuses wonderfully and make me feel all veggified. I'll definitely be dropping by again to try something else.
I'm gonna love seeing what that trainer can do with an already insanely charismatic, hot man like Nathan. I hope Nathan doesn't receive any hate from the other actors on DH. I'm a fan of the show but he's a different caliber of actor than the core group. He understands subtlety and most of them are bludgeoners. Ah well, he's a big boy and will deal just fine I suppose. Anything, as long as he's working and I get to appreciate his skill, works for me.

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