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July 08 2007 has gone the way of a... gone thing. Another Buffy fansite bites the dust and this time it's one of the big ones (the link goes to which is the new home for the former BuffyWorld posting community).

From what I understand the owner has had a lot of recent troubles with the site database and has decided that enough is enough and let BuffyWorld go.

I just noticed that yesterday when I went to check on some dialogue. It made my heart sink. 8 [
You just reminded me, zandra. I was going to mention above that anyone who depended on BuffyWorld for transcripts and dialogue should check out either The Buffyverse Dialogue Database or Buffy vs Angel instead. Both excellent resources.
As one of the VIP members, I was very upset when over 2000 accounts were deleted, over three years of art and thoughts posted by me erased in seconds. That place was a home to so many and fostered so many interesting and sometimes heated debates. More than just a forum, it was was a place to hang your hat. It will be missed. But I must say that BuffyForum (hosted by Nikki, former BuffyWorld Admin) is quickly filling those very large shoes left behind by BuffyWorld.
Dang. I went there just yesterday to try to track down a couple screencaps and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't come up. That really was a major source of info for fic writers. It's depressing to see it gone.
FiveHorizons, great links to alternate sites. I use the Dialogue database a lot and I had to google to find the Buffy vs. Angel one yesterday. I even looked on Amazon to see how much printed versions of all the screenplays would cost.
Oh, man. BuffyWorld'll be missed.
This is very sad. BuffyWorld was an excellent place to go looking for the transcripts. The Buffyverse Dialog Database also filled that need if you knew exactly the dialog you were looking for, but sometimes it was more useful to browse the script.

Fortunately I did save all the BuffyWorld transcripts into PDF a couple of years ago, so they're not completely lost. They really do need a good online home, though. Buffy vs Angel looks like the place to go now.

FiveHorizons, thanks for posting those links!
No way! Now, I'm very sad.
Oh, no! I use that site all the time. It's my favorite Bverse resource. I'm going to miss it horribly.

ETA: By doing a web search for Buffy transcripts, I discovered that has all the BtVS and Ats transcripts (as well as many other shows).

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I used it a lot to check the wording for quotes, tis a shame indeed.

Btw I slightly re-arranged your post so people would know about the replacement forum from looking at the front page (not everyone clicks on the "more" bit).
No problem, Simon. Whatever you think works best.

And I'm glad the links to the alternative transcript sources are proving helpful. It seems that Buffy vs Angel is a largely unknown site to Whedon fans in general, which is a shame as I find it to be very useful, even though updates are now few and far between. Hopefully it will get a bit more exposure now that BuffyWorld has gone. so many others, it was my go-to place for checking on dialogue...and many times after finding what I was looking for, I'd just keep on reading, mesmerized by how clever or moving or funny or exciting the writing was.
MissKittysMom, would you be willing to share the transcripts?

Given that there's still at least one transcript site online, given the size of the files, and given the very twitchy copyright status of such files, I'd prefer not to.

It's probably stretching fair use doctrine past the breaking point to say that downloading the entire set of transcripts is "copying for personal use". However, I will note that Adobe Acrobat will capture a web site and save it to PDF. Very useful at times....
I'm not sorry. My experience there wasn't a good one.
Wow. Adam Balwdin closed his account on the Fox board and now this. Joss, you need to get another show on the air soon. We need some new stuff to talk about.
Adam Baldwin closed his account on the Fox board? Why?
He said that after 5 years "it was time". You can read it here:
Oh no, I'm really crushed to hear that!
I guess I have to accept the fact that Adam has a family and a life and a career, all of which had very little to do with us or Firefly now days. Thank you for the link Lioness, I'll go read what he says (and shed a private tear).
Sad to see go. Like a lot of others, I used it for transcripts too.

Thanks FiveHorizons for providing other sources. Still, such a shame it closed down.
Eventually Nikki @ plans to get those transcripts on her site. The owner of BuffyWorld let her grab the files before he closed it all down.

And I'm sorry your experience at BuffyWorld was unpleasant April.

Someone was looking to BuffyWorld for screencaps - has the best caps I've seen on the net for BtVS, AtS and a lot of other shows.
The site seemed like a beloved li-berry for this QuoterGal, I used it so often. I'm sorry to see it go - it was so comprehensive & useful. Thanks all, though, for the additional dialogue and transcript links.

I've always said to critics who make fun of my obsessive-data-storage ways that if you see something you want online (or in booktores) you should get it while you can, and never count on it to be there another time.

I guess it's also true of a lotta other things in a lotta other places...

"It's like evolution, only without the getting-better part." - ANYA, "After Life"
I was a member of the BW forums since the beginning and I was crushed when I heard that Mark was shutting it down.
I'd never heard of this site! But I bookmarked the new BuffyForums site, I saw MoscowWatcher's name on the front page, so I know I'll find at least one BtS kindred spirit there :)
My experience reflects Sehy' I need another forum to browse.

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