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July 08 2007

SyFy Portal Genre Awards Nominations. Video announcement of the 2007 nominees for the Sy Fy Genre Awards. Nominees include Whedonesque, Nathan Fillion, and Doug Jones.

Lots of other great nominations. Very difficult decisions to be made!

Note: Joss cannot be nominated again for a Lifetime Achievement Award, because he has already won one.

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Very cool how they you tubed the nominations, did they do that last year? Many difficult decisions...I'll have to think on this one.
Best website!!! Hmm, let's see :) and yay Battlestar Galactia, thirteen nomonations in seven catagories!! I hope it sweeps everything, not a difficult decision for me.
Didn't see Nathan's ep of Lost as I seriously dislike the show & I neglected to find out when that ep was on. But I'm sure he was as wonderful as he always is.
This is the first year the nominations are on video. They should appear in print later today.

Every single decision for this year is tough. Should I vote for Christopher Eccleston, Christopher Eccleston, or Christopher Eccleston, or George Takei, or Nathan Fillion, or...

There was a lot of great genre television this past year.

You can watch Nathan's episode of Lost online at The episode is called "I do".
Thank you Anonymous1. I have no idea how to find TV shows online.

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