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July 08 2007

"Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?" is available now! The book is on sale now at Barnes & Noble and

The author, Whedonesque member Allyson, describes the excitement of watching her first book hit store shelves in her latest blog entry.

I bought mine today! It was in the humor section in the front of the store but on a bottom shelf. I didn't think that was an ideal location, so I moved one copy up to eye level and then filled the empty space on a "Favorites In Paperback" table that was right in the front of the store with another copy.
(I had a deja vu moment of moving copies of Serenity to prominence in various stores.)
Just finished The Misery Effect and am thoroughly enjoying this book so far. It really is like a Fresca in book form to crib from the cover blurb. : )
Congratulations, Allyson!
I saw it at my local Barnes and Noble today. It was in a great spot! Congrats!!!
Good luck on the launch, Allyson. I'm looking forward to reading this, even if it probably WILL hit a little too close to home! I've been known to yell "That scythe is sharp- please do not swing, poke or stab it in anyone's direction, madam!" and have also answered questions on whether an Orb of Thesulah would really light up if you invoked the spell. Some people...

Syren- up until now, I have never known anyone else apart from me who moves Whedon related items in random bookstores to their satisfaction. I've also been known to do the same in libraries.

Although Marian Keyes did write a rather funny anecdote that when her first book was released, she would go to bookstores, order multiple copies and leave a fake contact number.

Not to give you any ideas, Allyson!
Can't wait to read this! Congrats, Allyson!! Oh, and that would be so cool if you were on the the Daily Show. I would freak out a bit.
missb- I don't know if this counts, since I work at the library, but here's my book moving story. This was about 2 years ago when I first started working at the library. I went up to our Young Adult section one day and our Young Adult Librarian had put up a new display entitled "Books with Strong Female Characters." Before I saw that display, I had never had a moment of such clarity in my entire life. I bolted over to our Graphic Novel shelf, quickly grabbed our copy of FRAY, and rightfully placed it at the top of the "Strong Female Character" display. It was a wonderful feeling.

Allyson- I will beg and plead with some of my co-workers to get a copy of your book in our collection. I can't wait to read it.
Hee! I just bought my copy :)
I'm looking forward to reading this, Allyson. Congratulations on getting your first book into print. What a wonderful feeling that must be.
Pretty certain I'll have to order it from my local Borders (no Barnes and Nobel in Hilo), so it will be a while. But I can't wait to read this, just reading about it makes me feel connected to something very special.
I 'faced out' the book at our local B & N. It was at eye level (well, Allyson's and my eye level anyway ;-), but it wasn't properly displaying the cute little vampire mouse!

Then I went and outted Chris Golden, too. *snicker*
I also used to swap the buffyverse books so that they were in more eye catching positions.

Sadly, sometimes when I saw a Buffy DVD in a store, I would find their DVD top ten charts and sneakily put it to number one.

Mwa ha ha.
Awww, I hope you at least get the Jon Stewart autograph - although being on the Daily Show would be way kewl!
My BN had it on the new nonfiction table right by the front door!
Thanks for the saying of nice things!

This has been surreal. And exciting. And I have five bazillion emails to return because nice people keep sending me congrats and kind words about the book. I feel all squishy.
Can't wait to get a copy... must look into this right now!

(My book-moving story is all about being in a bookstore and seeing a book for kids by Lynne Cheney next to one about MLK Jr. and turning the former spine-inwards on the shelf. Couldn't stop myself. This was before I became a Whedon addict, so I didn't know to move Buffy books then...)
Congratulations Allyson! How amazing this must all be for you... and surreal. Best wishes for big sales and continued success. If the book is anywhere near as fun as the title, I'm sure it's going to be a hit. Cheers!
I think I will buy one, not just because it will be a satisfying read, but also because I can put it in front of my mother and say "See! This is what I did as a teenager. See! See!".
Congrats, Allyson! I bought my copy today and can't wait to read it. Enjoy the squishy :)
Whoo hoo! Been waiting so long to sink my teeth into this read. Allyson, make that five bazillion and one. Congratulations, my friend!
There are tons in New York B&Ns. Already deep into it - great job!

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