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July 09 2007

Whedonopolis covers James Marsters appearance at Fangoria. Find out what the Spike movie would have been about. They also cover his concert at the Crazy Donkey in Long Island.

Thanks RavenU! And to Maria G for the most detailed report I've read on the Fangoria Q&A, and to Laurel for the photos. Happy JM fan here :)
Do you think he is still 20 lbs. overweight? He looked pretty fit to me at Fangoria. He also still looked young enough to play Spike. Damn, he's a good-looking man!

Couldn't he have played Zod without being naked? Zod was never naked in the movie. Typical of "Smallville" to drop a potentially good story for superficial reasons, and replace it with a bad story. A good costume with lots of black would have camoflaged whatever minor poundage he had put on. Plus he's so small in comparison to Tom Welling, and the camera can do all sorts of tricks with angles and such, that nobody would have known his weight was an issue.

Good report.

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He actually mentioned to a few people in the autograph line that he had just lost 15 lbs.
"I'm drowning in foot wear". See that was foreshadowing after all.
He actually mentioned to a few people in the autograph line that he had just lost 15 lbs.

Unfortunately, I could do neither the autograph nor the photos to meet him, but I also lost 15 lbs. for the event. (Actually, 30 lbs., but the last 15 were deliberate.)
James was wonderful, friendly and very sweet at the Fangoria convention and a wonderful surprise at The Crazy Donkey.
His new music is great and I think he's gotten a confidence that has nothing to do with rock and roll posing and all to do with knowing his music, his voice and his guitar.
I'm pretty critical when it comes to GoTR and any person that does a performance ill prepared and that wasn't James. He was totally professional. I had a great great time.
Y'know, I'm a soon-to-be 32 year old guy who sees himself as being reasonably intelligent, fairly mature (any guy that calls himself entirely mature is either lying or delusional ;)) and able to accept simple fact when I have it laid out in front of me. So why is it that I grasp onto any slender thread of hope of the Spike movie somehow happening? It's obviously now pretty much dead and would take any number of factors to all come together to make it happen yet here I read that James would still be interested in returning to the role and that is enough to spark that little bit of hope inside me again.

Maybe it's the Highlander factor. I've loved that franchise for most of my life and every single time it appears to be finished another movie gets the go ahead. The franchise seems to be as immortal as the title characters. Adrian Paul often claimed that he had a limited amount of time available for playing an ageless character too and yet he still keeps returning to his most famous role.

I don't know that it will ever happen and frankly I tend to think now that it is unlikely at best but for whatever reason I still keep the hope alive that we will see James play Spike again. Way too optimistic for my own good, me. ;)
I'm with you FiveHorizons.
I know its highly unlikely, but I can't even tell you how happy it would make me to see a Spike movie.
I had such high hopes at the end of Angel. Pretty much crushed now.
Mostly because I don't think Joss is interested. He's got the comic to write, doesn't need those troublesome and expensive actors.

You feel hopeful because of Highlander, but I was a Beauty and the Beast fan. It never happened.
I really don't get this about JM being overweight in Smallville, I thought he was actually too thin again, at the beginning. But whatever the reason for getting him off that show ASAP, it's all good. He has so much more to give as an actor than anything he was given to do on Smallville.

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