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July 09 2007

Angel series DVD set in the works. Fox is working on a Region 1 complete series set due to be released on October 30 at MSRP $149.98. No word on a bonus disc.

There'd have to be a really compelling set of extras to make me want to re-buy everything at that price. Frankly, the Chosen Collection was cool because it's one compact unit--the single bonus disk wasn't compelling at all. I bought CC because I bought a used S1 after being exposed to Joss via Firefly, and then took the plunge and got the whole thing.

Since I already own all the Angel seasons, non-slimset, I'd love to have 4" of shelf space back, but not at THAT price.
That's $30 a season, which isn't that great a deal. Wait for it to be release though, and you'll see sales on it for much lower.

I liked the Buffy Chosen Collection special disc. The PDX Browncoats got together to watch the round table discussion, which was hilarious and very enlightening. That plus the compact case is well worth the price...not that I could afford it, being so poor and all.
I think complete collections are cool, but I could never give up my set. Because they just look so pretty, lined up 12345. It all looks wonderful... except BtVS 7. It's a slimset and it doesn't fit in with the rest. And it makes. me. crazy.
Grr Arrgh! I waited FOREVER for this and ended up buying some crappy copy from Hong Kong for 80 bucks. Needless to say it included all 5 seasons.

Le sigh, I'll be buying this anyway.
Jobo, I totally agree! I lurve the 12 sets all lined up next to each other. So pretty, indeed.
Excellent. I've been patient. I bought S1 ages ago, but knew eventually there would be a complete box set, so I never bought anymore. I'm very happy with my Buffy set, especially how it takes up much less space than all my X-Files DVD sets. I hope the Angel set is similarly packaged.
I have been waiting on getting all the Angel DVD's because I wanted the whole package :D
Great news!
GAH!!!! I just bought three seasons! Damn you Fox! Damn you to hell!!!!


If there is no bonus disc, then it really isn't worth it. That's one of the main reasons I bought The Chosen Collection in the first place. And honestly, it'll be hard to round up some of the actors, I think.
YAY! I only have Season 5, so this will probably be worth it for me if they lower the price. If they don't, I can't see the point. The slim sets are only $25 on Amazon and they already package a set (of regular-size sets) for the same price.
Damnit all to hell, now how are we gonna lord it over the yanks ? ;-)

Hope it doesn't sound like sour grapes but i'll be a bit miffed if you guys get a bonus disk. Our complete set (though out for years) is still more expensive than your brand-new one and (obviously) doesn't have any extra extras. If there is one it'd be great if they could sell it separately in other regions, i'd probably pay up to a tenner for it so they'd easily make their money back.
Well holy frakking hell, it's about goddamn time!
I'm so excited... but also torn, because I already have 1 & 2 and my sister has 5 so I'm not sure if it's worth it if I've already watched every episode... I guess they really should have some extras, then I'd buy it. Maybe.
it will come down to the extra disc cos i have some seasons already....darn it....darn it to heck
Grrr. Arrgh. I got all five seasons for my birthday back in January, and while I love them all (well, I'm still iffy on the second half of S4), I wish I had had the option of an all-in-one set. The Chosen Collection is one of my favorite pieces of packaging...and the bonus disc is fun to boot.
Everyone should own every season of Buffy and Angel. It's worth it to have all the seasons because you can re-watch them. Trust me on this, from the queen of re-watching the Buffyverse: every time you marathon the shows, you get so much new information to analyze. The shows have so many layers that I keep peeling back new ones all the time. And if you've only watched the shows once, there's so much left to experience.
I LOVE having every episode ever at my immediate disposal. And I find it interesting to analyse the re-watching choices I make.

For example- the other day I felt compelled to watch 'Enemies', and it wasn't until afterward that I realised it was probably because I'm having trust/betrayal issues with my sister at the moment.

Movies (and TV shows) have been proven as an adequate (and cheap) form of therapy. But my sister is still a cow!!!
Since I'm a recent Whedon convert, the Chosen Collection was already available when I was ready to buy (although the buying itself, via Google Checkout, was a real bargain - $99 I think - but a nightmare of delays and bad communication) - but I did buy all five seasons of Angel already too. I pride myself on mostly having avoided the OCD that runs in my family, but I do wish the two series' packaging matched... but not enough to spend that money and have two copies of every Angel episode.

If there are extra extras, though, I'll be itching to get it, I just know... but one must eat.
People, it's called ebay! Find the new complete set at a discounted price (like most of us did with the Chosen Collection -- I got mine at $139, while some got it even as low as $99 [half off]), then sell your duplicate copies of the series on ebay. Or, sell them to a friend for super cheap. Or donate them to your local library. Regardless of your choice, there's a lot of options that make it completely worth buying the new set even if you already have the 5 seasons like I do.

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