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July 09 2007

Richard Kelly "nearing post-production" on Southland Tales. The director posts an update on his MySpace page.

Link goes to Scifi because I can't find his MySpace page with the quote.

The Myspace blog link is there -
The mod at is saying that it's a "virtual certainty" that ST will come out in November. He never reveals his sources, though.
Ah, "virtual certainty" - could you vague that up for us?
Still looking forward to this.
Ah, "virtual certainty" - could you vague that up for us?

Well, based on what I've noticed in the past, he does have inside sources, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he knows what's actually going to happen, because nobody, including insiders, seems to know what's really going on with this movie, lately, if ever.

That said, if you look at the release schedule for November, it does look remarkably empty. Like a good time for limited releases. And there's another one scheduled for SMG, which I know nothing about beyond what's on IMDb.
A very reliable source tells me the release date will be March 2008 for various reasons.
I trust your sources more than mine, in general, Simon. But this news is very recent (last couple of days), while March was supposed to be the date before that for months. Maybe there's something to it, maybe not.

There's also the fact that Richard Kelly says the final effects have to be done by the end of summer. That wouldn't usually be the case if it was a spring release.
Number 5, the mod at, now says the release date is Nov. 9.

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