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July 09 2007

Seth Green rated No. 3 Geek. TV Squad lists their top 7 geeks on TV and puts Seth Green on the list, citing that "Buffy alone gets him on the list." Also mentions Robot Chicken and the Star Wars special.

And he's only #3? Pah.

All hail Seth, king of the cool-cat nerds.
I think that if the TV Squad had read the comic book series 'The Freshmen' that that would have clinched the number one spot for Seth Green.
I agree with the comments, there were several obvious names left off that list, starting with Stephen Colbert and Masi Oka. And where are the women?
"where are the women?"

Malindalo at After Ellen is on the case.
Did anyone see "The TV Set"? Seth had an awesome cameo in it. I totally wasn't expecting it.
Hey, and don't forget his cameo in Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" video--holding up Star Wars action figures, IIRC.

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