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July 09 2007

Official Cloverfield trailer now online. The trailer for Drew Goddard's supersecret project can now be viewed with pristine audio/video quality. Turn off the lights, turn up the speakers, and watch in the dark for best effect.

I highly recommend either going to see Transformers or at least sneaking into the theatre to catch this trailer on the big screen. It's incredibly intense.

Also check out

Great buzz already!
Some SPOILERy info about what the hey this movie is, courtesy of IMDb and random posters there... so don't take it as 100% reliable:

Sorry if any/all of that is old, or if it's entirely fake. This is just what I've learned recently.

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It is entirely and completely unconfirmed that the Ethan Haas maybe-ARG is connected to Cloverfield.

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Awesome. I love it.
That was one awesome trailer!
As a long-time Lovecraft fan I totally recognized that foreign language bit there at the end of your post, Jobo. I am SOOOOO stoked for the possibility of a big-budget, Abrams-produced Cthulhu film. *claps giddily*
Attack of the Show on G4 just confirmed the above.
Well, we all heard the "oh my god it's alive" bit in the trailer, so it's got to be a monster movie. or maybe not, and JJ Abrams is again one of the most dangerous men in the world for his use of misleading cliffhangers and exciting and dramatic music. He and Joss should team up. The world would never be the same.
"In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."

Haunt, may I please join you in the giddy clapping? :-)

Attack of the Show on G4 just confirmed the above.

Confirmed is in SOURCED, or confirmed as in simply repeated?
And did they confirm the validity of the Ethan Haas sites or the Cthulhu connection?
They specifically said "J.J. Abrams new project", showed a part of the trailer and put that Ethan Haas website up on the screen. They reported it.
More fun:

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They specifically said "J.J. Abrams new project", showed a part of the trailer and put that Ethan Haas website up on the screen. They reported it.

So, it was unsourced. They're simply repeating what many people think is the case. This isn't confirmation.
Whoa. Now I see what all the buzz is about.
I'm not the biggest Lovecraft fan. I know who (or as perhaps is more accurate, what) Cthulhu is but is Ethan Haas part of the original mythology or something new?

Meanwhile: Why settle for the lesser of two evils? Join Cthulhu!

I was majorly peeved at AMC/Star this afternoon -- they didn't show this gorram trailer with Transformers! Grrr. Heck, I was almost more interested in the trailer than I was in the movie. And the seats were all icky sticky. Last time I'm going to that AMC/Star.
Man, this Lovecraft stuff is popping up everywhere. Just yesterday, I read the Alan Moore comic "The Courtyard", and the entire climax revolves around Cthulhu (which I know nothing about). Seems like I need to start reading this guy...
Fucking. Awesome.

Edit: (I'm actually not the biggest fan of Lovecraft's writing itself, for the most part, but I love the Cthulhu mythos. One of my absolute favorite things, ever. I love a good Cthulhu movie and it's cool to see that Stuart Gordon isn't the only skilled filmmaker who can get this type of stuff made.

Some of Lovecraft's stories can be hard to slog through but the guy was a genius.)

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Abrams speaks: Ethan Haas has nothing to do with Cloverfield.

Sorry, G4 and everyone else who just kept saying it was connected, without proof.
If anyone's interested, you check out Cthulhu here.
b!X, but isn't he sort of expected to deny he has anything to do with those sites? I mean, he could be lying.

[ edited by ElectricSpaceGirl on 2007-07-10 04:21 ]
Exactly ElectricSpaceGirl, it could be a mislead, could be the real thing. If 1-18-08 is in fact the release date (and who among us knows that for sure, really?), it's barely mid-July so we've got plenty of time to speculate, learn, be surprised, go down a few dark, blind alleys and get lost in the meantime.
Is anyone else just having fun with the whole not-knowing (sorta like the very early days of Session 416)?

With all due respect, for now I would rather just have fun with this and let my imagination run free than be dictated what's for certain and what's not.

b!X, but isn't he sort of expected to deny he has anything to do with those sites? I mean, he could be lying.

I don't buy it. Saying what he said makes perfect sense to me if indeed the two aren't related, and he's sitting there going, "Dammit, find MY sites, not this other stuff!"

And anyway, due to research and digging I've been doing (here) the last 2-3 days, I'm pretty sure I know what Ethan Haas is promoting. I've believed it for at least a day now, and this Abrams announcement just clinches it for me.
So, what do you think the ethan haas sites are promoting?
I just linked to that, so as not to threadjack the conversation into something that has nothing to do with Drew Goddard. Heh.
I loved that video, ESG. Thank you. I'm totally with Cthulhu on the pronunciation issue. People tend to pronounce "Cthulhu" as though it had an apostrophe, like C'thulhu, when it doesn't. It's supposed to be one grunt-ily, heavily consonanted sound. Try summoning him to devour you like that, and prepare to be disappointed.
Nice trailer, I got a strong War of The Worlds vibe from it.
That's pretty cool. It does have a sort of WotW feel, like the part where the first tripod starts zapping people and there's, to say the least, panic in the streets.

And the head of the Statue of Liberty landing makes me think of the Jeff Wayne musical when Richard Burton as the narrator says of a Tripod, completely aghast, something like "One stopped astride Big Ben" - as if that's truly the end of everything, when our symbols are corrupted.
Now there's and while it may be someone trying to cash in on the cloverfield popularity...who knows?

This is starting to drive me nuts.
Blair Witch meets War of the Worlds...
J.J. Producing and Goddard writing...
Suddenly 1.18.08 can't come soon enough!
Goddard > life

No one should be that young, good-looking and successful...but I'm absolutely in love with him for it! Seriously, lets look at his resume: Buffy, Angel, LOST, Alias and now this movie, all in the past six years! He's gonna be around for a very long time :)
I've been saying since Buffy season seven...this Drew guy has a great future ahead of him. Once he has the experience, I'd love to see him run or co-run his own show.
Whitney at USA Today's Pop Candy blog said that she got a slew of emails linking to Cloverfield. Does anyone else know of this?
Looks like there's a related site here.

ETA: Hmm. And a semi-creepy countdown here.

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The Slusho connection would seem to be legit--the guy who suggests going up to the roof in the trailer is wearing a Slusho t-shirt.

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