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July 09 2007

Booster Entertainment assets being sold off? It looks like their assets are going to be liquidated to pay their creditors (which includes many Browncoats and stars), possibly on eBay.

According to the letter I got, the assets include some autographed items, a Lorne doll, and some other interesting things.
Is the money going towards their creditors or will it be used to pay their own legal costs?

Cos' if it's the latter, I certainly won't be bidding.
I can't see anything in the letter that says definitively one way or the other, but I would *assume* -- since the items are being put up for auction by the bankruptcy trustee -- that the proceeds will go to the creditors.
Yes, the letter I got made it clear that ALL assets (estimated value $17,060) of Booster Entertainment are being sold by John R. Stoebner, Trustee of the Bankruptcy Court. The trustee will conduct an auction. In fact the second page refers to the abandonment and destruction of those items which would be too expensive to send to the court (in Minneapolis, these are things like computer equipment) because Booster Entertainment is not entitled to keep any of the assets. The items listed for auction are (but not limited to): autographed and non-autographed actor photos, autographed script covers and memory books, banners, Serenity prints (numbered and signed by actors and/or artis), Lorne character doll, and walkie-talkies.

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That's sad- the destruction of the items, I mean. I understand why, but it just seems kind of... well, ironic. They abandoned the fandom for all intents and purposes, and now they are forced to abandon the trappings thereof.

It's early, I didn't sleep well and I'm not making much sense but I hope someone gets what I mean...
I wouldn't buy anything autographed online. But that's just me. I'm too skeptical that the sig has been forged. Unless I see the star sign the piece themselves.

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