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July 10 2007

(SPOILER) The post Drive wrap up interview. Tim Minear and Craig Silverstein speak about what have happened had Drive continued. In related news, fans have been getting word back from Ask Fox saying that that the last two episodes will be put online for free in about a week's time.

Drive folks, any chance we can see scripts or script chunks from unfilmed episodes? We want all we can get...
Only up to (and including) ep 6 was written, as far as I'm aware Chris.
ELIZAAA!! Man, oh man. Way to slowly tear the Band-aid off not-quite-healed wounds. This all sounds like it would've wowed.
Knowing where they were going with it only makes me sadder that it got canceled. Some of that stuff just sounded awesome.
Sounded interesting if maybe a bit soapish in parts. Also "young, hot sociopath" ? It's like they're playing Eliza's song ;).
Not reading this until I see the remaining two, but I'm kinda disappointed they decided not to air them (even on July 4??). I was saving the other 4 on my TiVo, planning to record all 6 to a DVD (since there's no way they'll release the show).

Now I'm glad I'll get to see the last two episodes, but... I don't know if I'll be able to get a version that can be burned to DVD.
Why do you think they won't release a Drive Season 1 DVD? They are already calling it Drive Season 1. Even though it was only 6 episodes. The DVD would be from 20th Century Fox Production Company. They know how much value they got out of certain still selling DVD with Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion involved. has episodes 5 & 6 still available for pre-order. They removed 7-13. So I'm thinking Drive 5 & 6 will also be available for download on itunes and sometime after Fox puts them on
I was already a fan of the show by the end of episode two and that interview just confirmed to me that it was only going to get better.

Wow, the amazing concept of a show that gets better if left to develop for a season. Totally lost on Fox.
Damn you Fox!
TM: "I was so busy trying to address network notes and production concerns that it was hard to get too far ahead."

Well, that just conjured up a world o' hurt.

"Um, when you said you were going to set it in a car race, we didn't think you really meant an actual car race. Do we have to have all these... um, cars?"
Remaining epsiodes to be put online for free ? Well, I guess that probably means they will be on the Fox Network website and people outside of the U.S. are not allowed to watch them.
It's "Wonderfalls" all over again...Fox dumps it BEFORE a good story line gets started. But I say this network had no faith in the show from the start, or they wouldn't have "split" the season even before it began. I just hope this management change they've announced will mean that Fox will no longer bettheir ratings fates on just The Simpsons, Idol, 24, House and Bones. If it gives shows a chance to grow in ten weeks, rather than ten minutes, then it can be popular seven days a week, not just four.
But at least it looks like they will have episodes five and six online soon.

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Anonymous1, if they didn't put The Inside (which has 13 eps and a resolution) on DVD, they certaily aren't going to put Drive (6 eps that end on a huge cliffhanger) on DVD.
Ok, so the episodes we saw showed that Drive is pretty good...but these details, and imagining how they would be revealed over time and in shocking ways...this show was going to be FRACKING AWESOME!

If only a network had taken the chance on it. How can you just air a few episodes in the off-season and think that's going to build an audience? Stupid Fox. This show belonged on FX or something...well, anything other than Fox.

*grumble grumble*
CaptainB I'm pretty sure they weren't going to have Eliza even if the show continued atleast that's how I interpreted: "Although the image of a half-paralyzed guy, driving the killer truck using specialized hand controls was pretty hard to resist." Then again anything could have happened.

I do think that depending on the writers involved and if Fox's meddling could have been minimized that the had some pretty cool ideas and that the show could have been the next Lost.
"Although the image of a half-paralyzed guy, driving the killer truck using specialized hand controls was pretty hard to resist."

I dunno, Eliza's pretty hard to resist too ;).
Man. You know, a lot of times when shows get cancelled, it's sad, but the network made the best business decision they could. With this, though, I just can't understand Fox's point of view at all. Why throw so much money at a show like this to get it started, and then not even give it the slightest chance to gain a following? Don't they want to make money? The only thing I can figure is that the Fox execs are completely stupid, schitzophrenic, or plagued by some sort of infighting.

Anyway, it's interesting to see what might of been, but also very sad. I guess this pretty much kills any chance of the story being continued.
I disagree, RaisedByMongrels. Drive was designed by Fox and Tim et al to be a hit out of the gate. It was heavily promoted and heavily serialized and the initial ratings were about half of what was expected. I don't know if this was the fault of the schedulers, if the concept just didn't appeal to the viewing public or if the promos weren't effective. But for whatever reason it under performed and given it's serialized nature it would have been hard for it to double its ratings in enough time to make it profitable for Fox.

I also don't believe Fox had given up on the show before it started. The amount of promos they devoted to the show are enough to prove that theory wrong.

Promising to show the last two shows and then canceling them twice. There's something I don't get.
Annoyingly for fans living outside the US having the episodes shown online makes no difference because we do not have access to them.

On line access is only for ip addresses coming from the US. Otherwise it is a no go.

"This content is not available for view outside of the US" or some such.

Sooo...color me annoyed.
Maybe I just wasn't in the right places at the right times, but I didn't notice any promotion for the show. I only knew about it because of Whedonesque. But then again I don't watch Fox very often.

The whole "throw it at the wall and see if it sticks" mentality is what I mean by "not giving it a chance." How could they expect it to get good ratings right off the bat if they showed the first three episodes in the space of two days? Especially at such an odd time of the year. And then to cancel it only ten days after the premiere...I just can't understand.
Wonderfalls. How soon after it was over was there a DVD?

The Inside. How long has it been over?

Any Netflix or Blockbuster members?

Save Drive: Season 1 to your movie list!

It has said this from the beginning...

"This movie has not been released on DVD. Future availability is not guaranteed."

...but the page it still there!

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Netflix...can't find Serenity Collector's Edition or Serenity Special Edition

Any members want to suggest it to Netflix.
Wonderfalls. How soon after it was over was there a DVD?

The Inside. How long has it been over?

Premiered: March 12, 2004 Last Aired: April 1, 2004

The DVD was released on or about 1st February 2005 (a 9 month gap).

The Inside:
Premiered: June 8, 2005 Last Aired: January 1, 2006

Still no sign of a DVD (approx. 18 months and counting) combined with the fact that Tim Minear has said that there are no plans for one.

Kudos for the seemingly unshakeable optimism though Anonymous1, if it's working for you, you keep right on believing (and unusually for me i'm not taking the piss ;).

Serenity Sequel, Sequel, Serenity Set we can tour at Universal Studios and hold shindigs and wedddings, Firefly like episodes/movies on the Sci Fi Channel.

Optimism. Works for me!

Then, of course, there's Nathan Fillion getting in shape for those Desperate Housewives!

And Nathan Fillion's new movie Waitress passed $17 million in Domestic Box Office! Take that Waitress trolls!
Anonymous1"And Nathan Fillion's new movie Waitress passed $17 million in Domestic Box Office! Take that Waitress trolls!"

Happily, Waitress was one of the three movie choices when I flew JetBlue Manhattan to L.A. the other day... I couldn't help myself... I didn't wanna see it first shown on the back of somebody's chair, but what could I do?

It was truly a dear film - everyone was spot on, Nathan was appealing - and convincingly bumbly, which I'd never seen him play before - and the whole thing worked. I laughed out loud, which is odd for me, and also involuntarily kinda booed one of the characters, and Nathan's co-star was just perfect. The pies made me hungry, so we hadda go get pie when we landed.

I just kept feeling bad about the creator, Adrienne Shelly, and sorry she couldn't see the success of her film. Here's to you, Adrienne.

*drinks imaginary toast*

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