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May 16 2003

Fox picks up Eliza Dushku's 'Tru Calling' to be aired this fall. Tim Minear's 'Wonderfalls' and Marti Noxon's 'Still Life' will air midseason on Fox as well.

From what I understand Nick Brendon's "The Pool At Maddy Waters" and Danny Strong's "The Afterlife" did not get picked up. If anyone knows anything to the contrary please post and I'll amend. Fox's autumn schedule apparently means that Firefly has been cancelled officially.

The Futon Critic has some pics of Eliza in Tru Calling.

Zach Galifianakis!! His show on VH1 was an underappreciated masterpiece.
Interesting to note that 'Still Life' stars 'Firefly' refugee Morena Baccarin.

And I'm sorry to hear that the US is going to be subjected to Banzai.
Al Madrigal is a funny guy as well.
I don't think Nathan Fillion's NBC pilot 'Alligator Point' got picked up either.
We already knew that Firefly wasn't going to be back on Fox, so that wasn't news, I guess.

Eliza's show is on Thursday's at 8 -- up against the final season of Friends and Survivor (both the normal and all-star editions). Fox is basically saying bend over, thanks for your time.
There goes my fantasy that Druska's new show is the Faith spinoff but Joss and the gang were playing a game with us all...
It's on Thursdays at 8. Wow. That just bites.
Since we're talking about ME alums' shows, I'm disappointed that David Greenwalt's new show (Jake 2.0, on UPN) is scheduled up against Angel.
Undeclared, Opposite Sex, Grounded for Life, Titus, The Family Guy, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Greg the Bunny, Dark Angel, etc. etc. and of course ... FIREFLY!!!

Fox has gotten some interesting shows the pass few years ... too bad most of them got cancelled. "Tru Calling" sounds like it might be ( have been ? ) a good one too. Too bad it's opposite the 'final' -eyesroll- season of Friends.

Maybe "Still Life" and "Wonder Falls" won't be sabotaged or cancelled outright.
Tru Calling sounds like a strange cross between the ill-fated Early Edition and Six Feet Under with an Alias style sensibility. I'm sorely disappointed. A Faith spinoff would have been a better choice for us. Perhaps not for Dushku, who fears being typecast and craves variety in her life. I think the only reason why she agreed to come back as Faith was because of the dramatic "redemption" attitude in the character. Dushku craves acting challenges.

An Angel five with Spike but no Cordy? Eh. I'm not confident.

I've looked at all the variable possibilities. For a major network to buy into the continuance of the BuffyWorld storylines, the only way it would happen is through Faith. Dushku's nipped that in the bud. So I for one have lost Faith. At least for the moment.
ah, ZachsMind, I might be stretching it a bit, but I hate to see you down---remember Faith is believing what you know ain't so. - Mark Twain
Zachsmind, why do your 'variable possibilities' exclude Willow and/or Spike from heading a Buffyverse spin-off, both of whom are more popular with the mainstream audience than Faith and, in my book, streets ahead of Dushku in acting talent. If it's the Slayer tag then sure, but for me the whole slayer thing is getting tired and I'd like to see all the other aspects of the Buffyverse explored. There's so much still out there!

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