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July 10 2007

(SPOILER) Dark Horse Comics for October. Covers and info for Buffy Season 8 #7 and also a new Serenity ornament.

That's a pretty cover. I want to marry Jo Chen. Um, as a friend.
Whooo hooo, Giles finally!
Faith and Giles on the cover together! Glee! Faith looks a bit wonky, but whatever, still, glee! I was hoping this arc would have higher Giles-content and it looks like my hopes may be fulfilled. Fingers crossed. I wonder how the title is going to be cleverly worked into this cover?

The teaser for issue #7 is interesting. I really hope Faith changes her mind about quitting by the end of the arc. And there's a wetworks? Looks like some of the less savory practices of the old Council have survived.

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"My Fair Slayer" or "My Fair Slay-dy"?

ETA Jo Chen brings out character beautifully.

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Giles, looking all glowy and don't-fuck-with-me-ish!

Giles rules.
Dudes. Giles is so bringing sexy back.
I love that Jo Chen cover.
Bigger pics (and better interface) at CBR.

See also the thread on Brian K. Vaughan's own board (and if you're not already a Caballero, why not?!). :)
blueanddollsome, I figure they might mean Faith is going to give that dangerous woman a "retirement package." A very permanent retirement.

Big month for Dark Horse. Aside from my regolar Buffy and B.P.R.D., the Savage Sword of Conan and Rex Mundi collections and the shuttle ornament look very tempting.

Well, those and the Cutter figure, but $50? I don't think so.
Wow, not only does Jo Chen do a gorgeous Faith, but Giles is looking smokin' hot. The solicit blurb has me really excited about BKV's arc.
Okay, I am now a Caballero.

I can't wait to see what Vaughn makes of Faith.
Oh my, we are in for it. Girly-girl undercover Faith plus hard-ass Giles is an amazing combination. And I recommend ComicBookResources for amazingly huge, high quality images. I recognize the reference material, but Jo Chen is the best at not being a slave to it. Wonder if we're supposed to reconize the other two girls as seven seven potentials?

Also, how smart is Dark Horse on their Serenity merchandise? That shuttle not only looks awesome, they know we'll have to buy two each to re-enact scenes from "Out of Gas".
I thought the other two girls were Buffy and...and...damn, can't remember her name. The slayer with the lip gloss that may or may not have kissed Buffy.
... Faith in a ballgown.

Now that I'd have liked to see in live-action.
Gulp! Whoa, that is one helluva cover! Giles and Faith, with the sexy and the ballgown and the badass Ripper stare. BKV and Georges Jeanty have to follow that?

Pointy, you may have something in that "My Fair Slayer" line. The idea of Giles prepping Faith to infiltrate a high society ball sounds like a hoot.
Dear Jo Chen,

Please stop outdoing yourself or soon your covers will be so pretty as to be impossible to look at.

Very nice cover by Jo Chen, as usual. Jeanty still seems to be drawing Buffy as a little girl, but his is still pretty nice as well.

Did anyone else notice that this issue has 40 pages? Wow! I hope that's not a typo.
Wow. I didn't even realize that was Buffy at first. I'm so glad Giles FINALLY got a cover, can't wait to see more of him. The Serenity ornament is way cool!

And this is the 3rd issue in a row that's going to have 40 pages.
Giles looks Ripper-ish. Love it!

And there's a wetworks? Looks like some of the less savory practices of the old Council have survived.

Yep, and that Giles is running the less savory things.
Inara's Shuttle looks great!
My only issue with some ornaments is that the ad pics often look way better than the product you get. Some of the Serenity ornament pics made it look like it'd be way more detailed as far as shading/coloring and more distinct details went (of course, early pics also made it look like they were gonna release in a gold or bronze-ish color, so sometimes the changes from the ads are improvements). Also it looked shinier. I really like my Serenity ornament, I like how it doesn't feel cheap, has some weight to it. But they could do better with these things sometimes and I'd even be willing to pay more for higher quality merchandise.

I've read comics regularly since my early teens and I know how it goes when it comes to a lot of artists drawing women, so it's kinda stupid to bother mentioning this when so many others already point out these sorts of things about comics...but I couldn't help getting a chuckle out of Faith's near-enormous breasts(by Buffy comics-standards, and real life). From what I remember (haven't watched anything featuring her in a long while), Eliza's nicely endowed, but not on that scale.

But I should add that Jo Chen did an awesome job on both Faith and Giles, probably her best likenesses yet.

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WOW! Faith has been mega enhanced, but I love how Giles has retained his lines of 'wisdom' and yet still manages to look incredibly sexy.
Jo's cover IS all VERY 'My Fair Lady/Pygmalion'-ish. Faith and Giles are a great combo and I'm really looking forward to seeing them together- I hope he corrects her grammar at least once!
Jeanty's cover seems a bit juvenile. Sorry, but round-face girly Buffy just doesn't do much for me- she looks like she oughtta be out frolicking in a meadow with bunnies instead of out fighting demons. Perhaps if it was demon bunnies I'd be happy!
I don't recognise the girl in the middle but it's not Satsu- perhaps it's the 'rescued' slayer from forthcoming issues? She's a bit weird looking, I must say.
Not such a big fan of the 'Faith retires to the wetworks' idea- she's a slayer who has already been confined and who, er, gets off on the kill and being out in the field!
And by the way, while I'm being critical, where is Wood, huh???
Faith looks way more like Eliza on the issue #6 cover. There's a slight likeness here, but she looks pretty weird. Giles looks fantastic though. Unfortunately, I really don't care for the alternate at all.

All in all, Giles ftw this round! :)
What a fantastic cover. Giles is back, I mean really really back. He looks sexy as hell. I can not wait to get my hands on this comic.
Faith looks way more like Eliza on the issue #6 cover.

With all this talk of "My Fair Lady", I thought you were refering to Eliza Doolittle here... hehehe. It took me a while to realise you meant Eliza Dushku!

Head hurts now.
Perhaps the slayer in the middle is Lady Genevieve?
I thought it might be Lady Genevieve too.
I guess I might get my wish for more Giles fulfilled sooner than I thought. The "retirement package" mention brings me back to my question about where the money is coming from.

I don't recognise the girl in the middle but it's not Satsu- perhaps it's the 'rescued' slayer from forthcoming issues? She's a bit weird looking, I must say.

Hmm. Satsu-ish hair but not face or eyes. It does seem like it's she's someone we haven't seen yet.

But the way they're standing, it seems like it'd be another Slayer to me and not Lady Genevieve... unless she joins the Slayer contingent in the end.

I like how Georges Jeanty draws Faith.

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