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July 10 2007

Read Joss Whedon's Runaways debut online at Whedonesque and Issue #25 of Marvel's Runaways, entitled 'Dead-End Kids', written by Joss Whedon and pencilled by Michael Ryan is now available for your online perusal in full.

View the cover and first page here at, then click through to the full digital comic version at

Thanks to for this exclusive link.

Excellenty stuff. Cheers.
Wiping away some tears because that digital reader thingy won't let me link to page 2.

Also, I had classed herself a 'non-comics' person, but I have to say I bought Runaways #25 and like it a lot. I was sad it was so short. I found it far easier to get into than the Buffy comics. Can't wait for the next issue.
I do love an exclusive, great job :).
I had already posted it, but I'm going to do it again: I am too swept away by Brian K. Vaughan's run to appreciate Joss's work. Sorry, guys. (The bad thing about it: knowing that Joss is still involved with BtVS, I'm really looking forward to BKV's run on Faith, which I wasn't on Joss's Runaways-thing...)
Wow. This digital reader thing is pretty cool. I still prefer having my own copy in my hand, but it is very high tech and all.

Bookworm, I can understand your feelings, but Brian was putting away the Runaways, and I am happy to have them continue, particularly with someone who really loves them like Joss does (I'm more worried about a third writer taking over when Joss finishes his short run). I do love the Runaway kids, and if Gert would just come back to life then I would be completely happy.
I can't figure out why I'm enjoying Joss's take on Runaways so much. Usually I can pinpoint it, but apart from "Molly sure is a pistol," I do not understand my reading pleasure.
Cool! I hope this draws more Whedon fans into the fold. I just got into the series earlier this year, and have splurged on all the digests (and later hardcovers) to get caught up on BKV's tremendous run. I don't know who is taking over the series after Whedon departs, but he/she will have ginormous shoes to fill.
Whoo. An exclusive for Whedonesque. Way to go, Caroline! I have a print copy but I think it is time for a bit of a re-read online....
Do I need to read the previous "Runaways" in order to enjoy this more fully? Thank you.
When I found out that Joss had picked up the storyline for Runaways and heard about how much he was a fan of that comic, well that was enough for me. I snatched the ones he had written thus far plus the digests. It wouldn't be fair to the story to not appreciate what he was continuing from. I likened the Runaways as an updated version of one of my childhood favorites Boxcar Children. It has that same delightful feel of freedom and independence of youth and ability to survive on ones own. Any Joss fan would enjoy these tales and I'm sure Joss would encourage everyone to read them from the beginning to fully understand his desire to continue this energetic take on superheroism.

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