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July 10 2007

James Marsters Sunday Q&A from Fangoria. "Nobody can accuse James Marsters of not being gracious to his fans."

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Shy fellow.
He just seems like such a fantastic guy, I really hope I can make it to Dragon Con this year. Mr. Marsters is for sure pretty high up there on my list of heroes.
I can't wait to hear his next album! :)

I really enjoyed a good bit of 'Civilized Man' and if he's doing more 'folkish' stuff for the next one, count me in!
I will most likely never make it to one of his concerts, but I will be first in line to buy his new cd whenever it comes out. I have already preordered his Shadow Puppets and I also anxiously await any and all tv appearences he will be making. I just can't get enough of him!! Whata guy.....
Thanks again to Maria G. and Laurel, and to RavenU for the link. James' Q&A's are never less than fascinating reading.
Totally agree with Shey. One of these days I really have to get myself to one of these Q&As. I'm not much of a convention fan at all but James seems like he would be really entertaining to see. Always interesting to read his comments.

Plus, anyone who gets Nirvana lyrics into an answer is okay by me. :)

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