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July 10 2007

"Zoe's Revenge" Statue. First River, then Inara and now Zoe. Diamond Select Toys has put up a preview of their next Serenity statue.

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That's a decent likeness although maybe a bit round-chinned and small-eyed. Still would have been nice to get these figures in more affordable plastic form.
Is this Jean St Jean Studio's work? He needs help with faces. I feel bad about saying that, but he's consistently "kinda close" with faces -- the Serenity figures were his, the upcoming Battlestar Galactica figures are his. They're all kinda close.

Update: The sculpt is by Michael Norman, according to Toy News International.

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If that monstrosity is by Jean St Jean, I'm quite saddened. His Freddie Mercury looked so good...
Hm.. a title like Zoe's Revenge somehow made me expect to see her over a downed Reaver and hammering away. This is more like "Right Before Zoe's Revenge". And well, yes. Face.
Huh. I didn't realize Zoe was Mrs. Potato Head. do projects like this one make it this far without somebody saying no? it just looks thoroughly unprofessional, in the literal sense of the word.

Oluf Hartvigson's stuff for Sideshow (all of the good BtVS posable 12"s and the Premium Format 20"s) shines by comparison. hell, it just shines, comparisons aside.
Might not be a great likeness from that picture, but I'll hold back an opinion until we get some more shots. I have a feeling it'll look a lot better when we get a full view of it.

But regardless, I shelled out for River as I'd have paid any money for such a figure, but I agree that I'd rather have these in plastic, these statues are way out of my price range.
They didn't even try to go for "generic beautful black woman face." Potato head, indeed, bix.
I'm very appreciative of the effort to capture the likeness of a goddess. Must be an arduous task. This artist fell a touch short.
"Zoe's Revenge" ? More like "Montezuma's Revenge" unfortunately ;).
When I saw the title I immediately thought "THAT one I would want!" but the likeness is too poor. The eyes are too close together, and basically it looks nothing at all like Gina Torres. More's the pity.
Wow. I hope that no one buys these. That's even worse than what they did to Amber Benson.
Ugh. The face sculpt is terrible.
I'm always kind of hesitant to say what I think about these things for fear of hurting someone's feelings, but honestly now. This one's pretty terrible.

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