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July 11 2007

Favourite TV/Movie Psychic. River featured in todays IMDB poll!

Jean Grey beat River? These people are idiots. Famke Jansen, while good in other things, did a terrible acting job in that. Also, part 3 of X-Men was ubercrap.
As of this typing, River has moved into the #1 spot. Go, Summer, go! :D
What? No Matt Parkman, Isaac Mendez, or Deanna Troi? Then there's Cordelia Chase, Lorne, Doyle, and Drusilla. They have Jean Grey but not Dr. Xavier?

Silly poll.
How dare they vote the movie Johnny Smith above the TV one. TV Johnny is way better.
I voted for Christopher Walken, he was amazing in The Dead Zone. It was one of the few DVDs I've actually gone out of my way to buy.
Christopher Walken was on the Dead Zone?! Too bad I missed that.

Also, if they're going to do the X-Men, they should go for the 90s cartoon versions of Jean Grey or Prof X, not the subtacular movie counterparts.
I voted TV Johnny. I haven't seen the movie.
Actually, CaptainB? Christopher Walken played Johnny Smith the in the film version of "Dead Zone" back in the 1980s;D
As you'd imagine with Christopher Walken playing him, Johnny's a bit less sympathetic in the film, with a bit more emphasis on the unsettling aspects of a guy that can see the future (ultimately still heroic though).

AMH does a great job too though IMO, he still manages to find ways to keep what could end up being the same old schtick fairly fresh.

It'd be one of those guys or River for me if I could be arsed to vote (also, I thought the whole point of 'Psych' was that he wasn't psychic, just very, very observant ?).
"The Dead Zone" movie was far better than the TV show. I find it dismaying that they have moved it so far away from the way the movie (and book) ended.

Anyway, I voted for River, because my choice(s) weren't even on the list, and "Other" just isn't good enough.
I'm sorry, but as a fan of Psych, I had to vote for Shawn Spencer. Everybody check out the season premiere (there's almost no ongoing storyline, so you won't be missing anything) this Friday. Seriously, you won't regret it.
Voted for River, obviously. And she's winning!
I voted for Shawn Spencer as well, I think he's probably the most true to life fictional psychic.
i.e. not psychic ;).

I find it dismaying that they have moved it so far away from the way the movie (and book) ended.

I haven't seen S5 or 6 yet but do we know it won't end up the same way ? Clearly they couldn't rush to that ending on TV cos, y'know, show's over when they get there (even in the book it's a few years from start to finish).

(and isn't even the nature of the "dead zone" itself different between book and film ? I seem to remember one having it as just a damaged part of his brain - as in the TV show - and one having it as parts of the future he can't see, that're hazed over, which I took to be King's get-out for free-will or volition i.e. Johnny has the capacity to change what he sees. Can't really remember though, been a long time since i've seen/read it)

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