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July 11 2007

Fred speak gets added the dictionary with 'ginormous'. "It was a ginormous year for the wordsmiths at Merriam-Webster. Along with embracing the adjective that combines "gigantic" and "enormous".

Hmm, connection's a bit thin surely ? Was personally using it long before Fred for instance.

And I dunno exactly how long for but it's been in the OED for a while (unsurprisingly they also have a first cite from 1948 in Eric Partridge's "Dictionary of Forces Slang").
Haha, wow, I wouldn't never thought of the connection to Fred. Like Saje, I was familiar with the word long ago and never thought the Mutant Enemy staff made it up for her or even a tradmark in her vocabulary.
I thought Fred said giganamous, not ginormous.
Wendy Patrakas said "ginormous."
ditto Saje. i was using it before she did too
my first sighting: on the back of Peter Townshend's first solo album, "Who Came First" in 1972, and I'm not kidding. although he spelled it "gynormous", but that's probably the UK alt. spelling.
I immediately thought of Fred saying giganimous too, but figured I was just not remembering something hse had said another time.
Yeah, don't remember the connection at all, but how thrilled am I that ginormous is in the dictionary? Seriously, cause one time at work I said to a customer that we only had ginormous gift boxes and my friend Jared made fun of me for weeks. Cause, of course, it wasn't a real word. But now it is. Ha!
Shakespeare used fake words all the time. If it's good enough for The Bard...
We need to get Gorramit into the Dictionary, Gorramit! ;)
Someone I worked with a few years ago introduced me to "ginormous." One of my professional goals is to work it into technical conversations every so often with some subtlety. So far so good.
Thinnest. Whedonesque. Link. Ever.
I have to admit, I was going to say something along the lines of Saje's comment yesterday but I figured it would be a waste of time given that I thought this story wouldn't be long for Whedonesque. I'm really surprised to see it still here, to be honest.

That said, if this thread does eventually lead to us getting Gorramit into the dictionary, then it will be worth it. Can't see it happening but then stranger things... ;)

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