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July 11 2007

2007 Can't Stop The Serenity hits its goal. Screenings pass $100,000 raised for Equality Now.

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awesome! bravo! & encore!
That's amazing work, well done everyone involved. I don't think there's a pat on the back big enough for this but g'head and try anyway ;).
Well done to all concerned. Good job.
We just keep doin' the impossible . . . way to go Browncoats!
This is really exciting news!
*cheers* Well done, all involved!
What a ginormous success!! Congrats to all involved!

Awesome job, everyone!
Congrats to all the CSTS teams around the globe; that is an *awesome* achievement!
What's this Can't Stop the Serenity thing?
Congratulations to everyone involved!
"What a ginormous success!! Congrats to all involved!"

hahahaha, Nice.
Congratz everyone! I can't think of a more deserving charity. Here's 5 more big pat's on the back for you all :)
Awesome. Very proud to have been a (very) small part of this once again. Thanks to everyone involved with organizing, both on the local and global levels. You guys did a great job.
Excellent stuff. Joss' auction for Equality Now is currently at $45k, in anybody is interested.
Whoo-hoo! Dances in cubicle.
Wooo hooo!!! What are we aiming for next year? $125,000? $150,000?

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I love this charity so much! I'm already stoked about next year's event and am already lining up people to come.

Thanks to everyone that participated and helped organized.
Shh, Eden, b!x's head might explode. He already has amnesia.

And yeah, gossi! Joss' auction $45k!
Doing the impossible is becoming a regular thing for Browncoats. ;)
This is an awesomely shiny accomplishment!
My head won't explode, at this juncture.
Congratulations to all those who worked so hard to pull this off! It makes me proud to be part of the Whedon verse!
Since I'm leery of self-linking, I just wanted to point folks over to this thread at Firefly, which talks about what's next.
What an incredible achievement! Awesome effort to the folks involved.
Thats really cool! Kudos to everyone involved.
Since I'm leery of self-linking, I just wanted to point folks over to this thread at Firefly, which talks about what's next.

Some of which (like there won't actually be things like design decisions until there is a 2008 coordinator) we'll be talking about very shortly, here and elsewhere. Like there. And maybe places in between somewhere.

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Big congratulations to everyone involved. You guys are fantastic!
Ladies and gentlemen, or strong women and gentle men, you are awesome!
Awesomeness! Congrats to all! this was my first CSTS and I loved it. I'm hoping to participate more next year!
This just gives me a giant case of the warm and fuzzies :) I am so proud of Browncoats.

Thank you! Merci! Danke schon! Grazie! Xie xie! Etc.!!! to the volunteer browncoats who worked their bums off organizing and promoting CSTS. I know I had a great time, and it was all the fantastic-er knowing I was sharing the experience with thousands of Browncoats who were together raising tons of money for Equality Now.
b!X, what are you talking about? Your head is always exploding on the PDX Browncoats forum. Maybe you don't have any more heads left to explode.
b!X, what are you talking about? Your head is always exploding on the PDX Browncoats forum. Maybe you don't have any more heads left to explode.

I meant on this particular point.
It's great - it's wonderful - it's fantastic!

And I'm all for singing another round of "Happy Birthday," but I'm STILL not lighting 100,000+ candles for the cake! That would just be over the top.
So. Very. Proud. Of everyone involved in CSTS, and to be a part of this generous Fan Club.

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world; and that is an idea whose time has come.”
—Victor Hugo
That's a Big Damn Result. Well done to all involved.
This is great -- and can only get better. I know of at least one screening currently scheduled for September (Ann Arbor) and I'm wondering how many other non-prime-time screenings will pop up later.

(Of course I'm assuming the A2 screening is part of CStS since I haven't seen anything about it on the CStS site yet.)

((And of course the minute I post this someone will pop up and say they just added it last week or something...))
Wow-- that's great!
Amount Raised In 2007 To Date: $106,017.83 (USD est).
Congratulations to everyone involved in this!
Congratulations to all the hard working folks who did this.
Job well done!
Feels great to have had a tiny, tiny part (just one of many who attended screenings) in this worthy effort! AND it was fun!
Congratulations on an job very well done!

And thanks to all those that put in all of the hard work to make this year's screenings a success!
Hmmmm a goal for 2008...raise that total donation amount and lower the amount of head explosions. The first is doable, the second...
Congratulations to Devin and all the CSTS cities! It's truly remarkable what Browncoats can accomplish.
I care deeply about the issues that EN and like-minded organizations do, and I tend to show my support very privately with donations. Easy and painless, and let's me feel relatively good about myself while concentrating my energies on work and parties and other trivial things.

I just spent some time looking at the CSTS web page and some of the stuff that was linked from there, and I just wanted to say that I love you guys for doing all this. You rock, really!
Congratulations to everyone who was involved! You all did a wonderful job on this. :)

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