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July 11 2007

Capacity crowd in Portland for 'Firefly'. On a day that earlier had reached over 100 degrees, the first Tuesday night of Firefly at the Mission nonetheless prompted more than 300 people to pack themselves together for the two-hour pilot.

(Plus, since PDX Browncoats had nothing to do with making this happen, I actually get to post the news!)

My Portland friends let me know how much fun I missed out on by not driving down from Seattle to attend. Wasn't that sweet of them? They had a blast and plan on going next week as well. Some people have all the luck.
I wish I had been there! Waaaaaahhh.
Oh, and yes, Firefly Kolsch (a coincidence) was on tap. They only went through one keg, but that was because it was so busy they didn't have the chance to switch it out.
You can also read my little report here.

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And not only was it bigger than Buffy at the Mission (as per electricspacegirl's link), it was bigger even than when the Mission's Buffy run got to the musical episode, which was packed. And it was bigger than their weekly Arrested Development night, which gets about 200.
Wow, that's dedication, especially considering how miserably hot it has been here in PDX the last few days!
That's it. I'm moving to Portland.
Two more long screening reports:

Eric D. Snider

Chris Walsh
That's it. I'm moving to Portland.

Right there with you.

It must’ve happened like this: Firefly fandom looked at Portland and said “This is a fertile land, and we will thrive.” Because it rules over this land. And calls it This Land.

Ah, geeky goodness.

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