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August 01 2002

Who wrote what? There's a lot in the Buffy Dialogue Database including this nifty list of writers and their episodes.

I've never, ever, taken notice of writers for TV series before I got into Buffy. (Maybe because I've never been obsessed with a TV show before.)

Hands up who thinks Diego Gutierrez is really Joss Whedon.

Nope, pretty sure Diego Gutierrez is his own man. He's listed in the credits as "Assistant to Joss Whedon" for (at least) seasons 3 & 4. In the DVD commentary on "Restless," JW says he doesn't speak French himself, but his assistant did, so DG dubbed Giles's French lines in Xander's dream sequence.

Someone even more geeky may be able to add to or correct this information, of course!
OK, I just don't see how someone's assistant gets to write a prominent episode like 'Normal Again'?

(The name 'Gutierrez' is also used in 'Inca Mummy Girl', if I'm not mistaken.)

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