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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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July 12 2007

Vampires amidst the community. An essay about the role of the State in dealing with the supernatural. The author asks if "The Initiative was a logical answer to the Demon world, and whether the Buffyverse still needs such an organization even now?".

A relevant essay in light of the revelation in Buffy #4 (well I thought so anyhow ;)).

*g* This was written based on my original prompt at Buffyversemeta!

*Runs off to read it*
I haven't read the whole thing yet (that will take time) but my immediate thought on it is that from what I read, it ties in very well with the Marvel Civil War stuff.

I believe the main point of season 4 was that The Initiative failed because it was basically an attempt to create a technological way of dealing with what is a supernatural problem -- "you're messing on my turf" and all that -- and they had no real understanding of what it was they were trying to fight. In that respect I think the conclusion of the essay, which suggests that the government work with the supernatural warriors, makes sense. However, I also think that the very idea of Buffy being managed by a government supervisor is contrary to her character as it was presented throughout the series. It's Buffy's status as an "anarchist" that really defines her and makes her effective.
Will need to read this more carefully, but my firstr eaction, speaking as an egotist, is it reminded me of an idea I've been kickign aorund in my head for novel for about 25 years dealing with Federal employees whow ork for the Mosnter Control Bureau, in a world where most (not all since soem contradict the others) of the sci-fi flicks of the late 40s, 50s, and early 60s were historical fact.

Haven't read it yet, but there are 2 distinct things: the Adam part (bad); the battling demons part (good).

As we see when Riley bobs up in Sunnydale again, the battling demons part was a success, insofar as they were often able to defeat demons, protect puppies, etc.

The Adam part failed, because the Scoobs were able to kill Adam, after he started out on his own, after killing "Mommy" (one of the more twisted, AND funny moments; boy I HATED her, even before she turned out to be completely around the bend; I actually cheered when she got it, which is very unlike me).

Or are you referring to the chips when you say the initiative failed?

Seems they simply gave up on that aspect.
"Stakeholders." *snerk*
Really behind the curve here & only skimmed the essay. But what it brought to mind for me is the brillance of BtS season four, which I think is often overlooked. We think of specific standout episodes such as Hush abd Restless, but overlook the depth and complexity of the entire seaason arc and how seamlessly it integrated big social themes with themes of personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

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