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"Two by two, hand of blue, two by two, hands of blue...."
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July 12 2007

MWCToys reviews Buffy Deluxe Action Figures, series 3. Chosen Willow, White Witch Willow, Kendra and Kennedy in super-articulated 6" figure form. Michael Crawford's reviews are always detailed and well illustrated with quality photographs.

No sign of the Tough Love or Halloween Willow variants in this preview.

"You'll need to resort to using the clear rubber bands for most items, with the exception of Willow's 'candles' (yea, you keep telling yourself that's what they are)."

Hahahaha! Funny.
I'm confused. Couldn't these two posts have been one post pointing to both things? Heh.
Michael also noted elsewhere (on the BtVSFigs forum) that neither the "Tough Love" nor the "Halloween" Willow are pictured on the cardback. This doesn't necessarily mean they will not be made.
Glurg. I would comment on Willow's ?BLUE? eyes again, but there's so much else I dislike about this line that it would be kinda petty. (I mean, like Kennedy or loathe her, Iyari Limon's pretty darn cute. And that figure just... isn't.)
They could, but since they're reviewing items from different companies, I decided to keep them separate. If the PTBs want to combine them, I don't mind.
onetruebix, better as separate, I'd say. If I had a say. Last week the new Serenity ornament (Inara's Shuttle) got completely lost within a headline about new comic book pictures.
I haven't bought any of the newer figures in a while. I miss the Moore figures...

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