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July 12 2007

Sideshow Angel premium format available for pre-order. The exclusive version comes with 2 heads.

$250 and interchangeable heads - one human and one "game face".

The exclusive version comes with 2 heads.

Wow, I so do not remember that episode.
It was the one that was made AFTER Season 5. It's why the show was canceled. ;)
Oh god, I for one am so disappointed with how this has turned out.

Firstly the stance is awful, and off putting. The overall appearance is of an old man about to keel over.

The body is bowed enough to make poor Angel look like he's got a right old 'paunch' going on there, and the human face is just horrible. Far, far too old and those eyes are definitely still crossed.

I would have liked to have seen a 'vibrant' Angel, not 'knackered Angel!'
Sideshow did such a good job with the Spike version too. *sigh*
Thanks for the heads up kmb99 ! Just placed my order for Angel! I was waiting for news of when Angel would be available. Didn't expect it so soon! Didn't even read the "newsletter" first, 'cause Whedonesque is always my first read of the day!
So Angel is not as perfect as the Spike figure. So what? Doesn't matter. Now I will have both of them - (grinning happily!!)
But aren't you concerned about spending so much money on something thats far from looking as good as it should be?

I love Angel, but I'm really not happy with the standard of this one.

I might have a different attitude if they weren't so flaming expensive.
The flex pay option takes the bite out of the price. If you get a figure and you really are not satisfied after you see it in person, you can always send it back or sell it. Besides - it's the only one like it available anywhere. It would be great if an Angel figure was cast to look just like DB, but till then, for me, this will have to do.
With Flexi pay, if you cancel you have to pay Sideshow a cancellation fee, which increases the longer you leave you order.

For $250 I expect better then this love, I really do. At least have flattering portrait of the guy, rather then end up with something that verges on 'granddad Angel'! :0
Choices are what makes the world go round. Each to their own. Nuff said. :)
"I'm not what you think I am."

Yeh, the quote on the Sideshow page says it all. What a let-down, I was really looking forward to this, too.

The human face one looks WAY old and bloated- too Dom Delouise-y by far!

The complete-ist in me wants to buy it to go with the others, but the sensible economist within is saying not to waste my money.

In THIS case, the economist wins!

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