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July 13 2007

Mad Men: review of Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks' new show. While you're at the LA Weekly site, also check out the nice write-up of the Joss-attended OMWF sing-along.

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Isn't that also Mrs. Reynolds, Christina Hendricks? Kinda a crossover!
You're right. I'll amend the subject line. Thanks.
What a glowing review. Not sure I can watch the show, I have a feeling it would make me cringe too much but I may have to see it just for the actors.
Video here:
dreamlogic: "While you're at the LA Weekly site, also check out the nice write-up of the Joss-attended OMWF sing-along."

Which can be found here, and really is quite the nice write-up.

This was especially sweet:

"As the end credits roll, series mastermind Joss Whedon, who snuck into a back-row seat right after the program began, strides down the aisle. Its the first Buffy sing-along hes ever been to, and he has the sheepish, overwhelmed look of someone whos just received a massive outpouring of love. 'This was way more moving than I expected it to be,' he confesses. 'This was magical. You guys are gorgeous.'

*still inconsolable about missing LA Film Fest OMWF singalong...*
I just watched the previews and spent an hour writing in my LJ about why everyone should go watch this show.

Wow! I love that it's a period piece. You don't see that a lot in TV. I love how it seems to be approaching sexism -- not making judgements, just telling the reality of that era. And Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss!

I know what I'll be doing on Thursday nights this summer!
Oh yeah, I am so not going to miss this one.

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