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July 13 2007

Common Rotation plays Hotel Cafe July 21. Adam Busch and the boyz have the 9pm slot at this non-smoking, 21+, pay-at-the-door show in Los Angeles.

If you are anywhere in driving distance, may I just say -- go see them. Common Rotation is a terrific band: the songs are unique, the musicianship is excellent, the vocal harmonies are beautiful and it's just a great overall concert experience.
I would agree. Great show, really nice guys. Saw them in Minneapolis a while back and they were great :)
They are awesome. I keep trying to catch them when they play Philadelphia, but every time they've played for the past three years, I've had other commitments I couldn't get out of. What amazes me is that while Adam Busch is the identifiable star, and a fantastic singer, Eric Kuffs is so talented, you end up focusing on his performance much of the time.
And his biceps, Nebula1400. ;-)

I agree, though, CR is made of awesome! I'm SO bummed: we fly into Long Beach on our way to ComicCon on the 21st but since I will be with my under-21 kids no way I can make the show. Poo. :-(
We fly into LA that day from Sydney, on our way to Comic-con, but unfortunately we've already got tickets to see Jamie Cullum at the Hollywood Bowl.
It's slightly disappointing, because I'd really like to see Common Rotation... Still Jamie is my favourite singer, so I guess I'll cope ;)
Would love to see them playing at the Hotel Cafe, but the cost of a round trip from Edinburgh to L.A just for one night is a bit prohibitive.
Let me add my 2 worth and say that the band makes for a ripping good time, and they're well worth making the effort to see.

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