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July 13 2007

For a good time call, James Marsters. For those people waiting for their Sunday Photo Op from Fangoria with James Marsters the photos are now up at Creations site for claiming. For those who couldn't make it check out the fun you missed.

Thanks for the heads up. I've been checking off and on to see if they were posted a bit earlier than planned.
I just wanted to let you know that your title cracked me up!


* Oh my ♫♥♂-ing god I've never laughed so hard in all my life!
Wow, he sure is NOT shy!

Fun pics.
Nobody could accuse James of being cagey in his photosession, what a star! Let's hope he is back in the UK in 2008.
I love these. I adore the one where they look like they've staged a fight!

Some very imaginative poses going on there, and by god James seems up for it!
Great pictures. Good on him for being such a sport.
WOW....he really gives the people what they want! lol Now I REALLY want to go to Dragon*Con....
He was simply wonderful at Fangoria. He gave 150% at the photo shoots. He really did a lot of the directing of the shots with some exceptions when a fan wanted something special.
He also seemed like he was in a fantastic mood all weekend.
The words awesome and in rare form floated about the convention all weekend at it was all because of James.
Wow, James is an enormously good sport!

And I think I saw one gal in there with like 12 photos?! Don't those thinks cost like...many dollars? $20, $50, I don't remember...
The photos were $60 each and she had over 20 taken on Friday and then bought 12 more on Sunday. Heck I thought I liked the photo ops and I did 6 this time.

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