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July 14 2007

Buffy Season 8 is Janet Evanovich's summer reading. Writers reveal their guilty summer pleasures in the pages of Time magazine.

The magazine itself also includes a nice image of the comic.

I love Evanovich, I have all of her Stephanie Plum series as well as her other books. I am glad see she enjoys Buffy.
I just like that makes sure to explain: "And I don't feel at all guilty about it."
That's brilliant. I love Evanovich for her Stephanie Plum series, and it makes a lot of sense that she'd be a fan of Joss' work.
I love Janet's Stephanie Plum series, as well. I had the opportunity to meet Janet at a book signing a few years back...she was so very nice. I could totally see her lovin' Buffy! Wonder what that kinda cross-over would be!
The Plum series is one of my favorites too! I am glad that two of my favorite writers know about each other. Just comes full circle, y'know? Ok technically I don't know if Joss knows about Janet, but I guess he might now that we are talking about her.
On the list/discussion group her buffyfan-ness is often discussed -same with Jennifer Crusie, but people probably already know that one.
I'm in Germany this summer and the Stephanie Plum series seems to be all over the place in the bookstores. I hope it catches on huge here as well. They left the numbers off the titles though, so you have to read inside to figure out which book in the series each one is.
I love Stephanie (dispite the weak endings in the last 3 books). She just needs to marry Joe and get past it.
Yeah, yeah, I know, if she did that it might kill the series, but I think it's time.
I also got to meet Janet at a booksigning as well as her daughter who runs Both very nice.

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