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July 14 2007

Persephone Pickers release 'Sounds of the Verse' album. It's a CD available to buy of original folk music, inspired by Firefly. The first two minute of songs can be streamed free on iTunes and the like with the links at the left.

They say it can be reused in Firefly podcasts and such (fan films! fan films!) as scoring, as long as it's credited.

I think I'm gonna buy a couple. I want one and my mom's birthday is coming up.

Do any proceeds go to charity?
I saw that last week but haven't been able to post about it yet since they're competing in the Saffron contest. Didn't want to be promoting one of the entrants over the others...

Which is getting tough, since several of the entrants have new music or CDs coming out I'd be plugging otherwise. The Pickers, Rob Kuhlman, River and the Reavers, Marian Call... Look for a flood of hey-look-at-this posts soon.

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