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July 15 2007

It's Chris Golden's birthday. And if you'd like to have the chance to wish him a happy birthday in person, he's going to be at San Diego Comic Con later this month!

Chris will be there promoting not only Baltimore, or, the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire (illustrated by Mike Mignola), but also Dark Congress, his upcoming Buffy novel. He'll be signing some cool Baltimore samplers, as well as giveaway copies of THE MYTH HUNTERS, and anything else you'd care to bring his way. He will be at the Bantam/Random House booth every day from 1- 2 as well as participating in some panels. Tell him OzLady sent ya! ;-)

Maybe you could link to his wiki page or something? Just to have a link, I mean...
Here is another link if I picked the right Christopher Golden

Birthdate: 15 July 1967 page.
I like that one, that'll do.
I like it too. Especially because some employee at will be mystified as to why his rank would jump from 131,725 (7/8/2007) to ?? and then there are other employees at who know that it was because there was a post linking to his page on whedonesque.

Because there are Browncoats or at Joss Whedon fans at Pretty darn sure about that.
Universal Pictures has Talent.

"34-year-old college professor" Hey, Nathan could play that part. Course, I think that about just about every male acting role...

Somebody go suggest that, please.
Like I haven't suggested that already, Anonymous1!!! Sadly, as is the case with most writers, if/when they actually DO anything with Talent Chris has virtually zero say in casting decisions.

Thanks for the link help, folks (and thanks for not just punting the post, Simon). I am ashamed to admit that I had intended to link to Chris' own page but got distracted and forgot to put that in. I'm a good friend, but a lousy pseudo-publicist. ;-)
No doubt about it, Chris is an extraordinary person in our minds and hearts. Thank you for catching this, OzLady:)

Yep. The only way writers get any say is if they write and direct like Joss and SLiTHER Director James Gunn and the late Adrienne Shelly. Joss can attest to your writing stuff being butchered. And James Gunn can tell you horror stories I'm sure.

Thanks for suggesting Nathan anyways.

I remember reading that a studio person or someone told Adrienne Shelly that she would have to wait years for her scripts to become movies and she felt she did not have years. So she went out and made the movies herself. She was so wonderful.
Spoiler reguarding Chris' upcoming Buffy novel, "Dark Congress:

Word, quantumac, word. And trust me when I say that no one was more disappointed about that edict than Chris was!

Anonymous1, the depth of loss to the film community when Adrienne Shelly's life was cut short will never be truly recognized. We can only assume that she would have been a true luminary and role model to other film makers, but even our highest approximations probably don't reach the levels to which she might have risen. It's truly heartbreaking.
quantumac : As far as I know thats a condition they made for every Buffy novel so that everything was sorta set back for the next author and so that the book universe wouldn´t divide too much from the actual show.

Also a Happy Birthday to Mr. Golden! May it be a good one.
I doubt so. OzLady, please go forward!
Happy Birthday, Chris Golden!
I can't wait to see what he does with his next 40 years. ;)

Happy Birthday, Chris!

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