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"Loo, shag, brolly, what the hell is all that?"
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July 15 2007

Vote for our BDM. Serenity is in the running to be shown in the SF section of the Oxford Film Festival.

You can vote here to see our BDHs on the big screen again - if you're in the vicinity of teabag central, of course.

This is always tough. At this moment, I'm leaning towards "Out of Gas".

May I ask the favor of tea?
No way. Bladerunner's in the running. I've never seen that on the big screen as I'm a bae-bee, so Bladerunner for me.
Sorry for the vague teabag reference. Isn't that how Cordy described Oxford way back in season 3 of Buffy?

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I will hush as well. May I ask why you are here?
You must answer!
Is it a philosophical or a literal question?
Okay, green with a bit of mint.
English breakfast?
prospero, please forgive me. The people in this room are like family to me. I just had to know your intentions. I wish to welcome you.
Come on guys, it's no fun if you don't tell your picks:)
Here are mine:

2>Blade Runner, directors cut
3>Contact ('cause it gets no respect)

2>The Shining
3>Gothica (a vote against "slasher" films)

1>Out of Africa
2>Shakespheare In Love

2>Feeling Minnesota
3>The Big Lewebowski

3>Miami Vice (Don't even go there, Michael Mann is a genius, see my #1 and umm .... Colin Farrell :)

You Decide:
1>Legends of the Fall
2>Pulp fiction
3>American Beauty
I am so so confused.

I think maybe they serve tea at the cinemas in the UK.

They mentioned SLiTHER on that page. Whoo-hoo!
I'm all for as many public screenings of Serenity as possible.

But seeing 2001 on the big screen? Long been a fantasy of mine...
Um, what are BDMs and BDHs?

Bogus Demolition Movies and Baggy Demonic Hermphrodites?

Blatently Ditzy Mneumonics and Break Dancing Hippies?

Sorry, newbie here, and I just don't know what those initial-thingies stand for.

Frankly, I'm afraid to guess any more.
But seeing 2001 on the big screen? Long been a fantasy of mine...

I've never seen that on the big screen as I'm a bae-bee, so Bladerunner for me.

However oddly spelled babies you are, you should get a chance to see the good old stuff on screen. And Serenifly fans seem to be doin' it for ourselves. Do I actually get to vote on this?

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I must be drinking the wrong kind of tea, cause Madhatter's comments still don't make sense to me...
Prospero - neat reference that's exactly what Cordelia calls it. The buffyverse database gives us this from season 3's Choices:

XANDER: (getting up) Well, look who just popped open a fresh can of venom. Hey, did you hear about Willow getting into Oxnard?
WILLOW: Oxford.
XANDER: Oxford. And M.I.T. and Yale and every other college on the face of the planet. As in your face I rub it.
CORDELIA: Oxford? Whoopee! Four years in tea-bag central. Sounds thrilling. And M.I.T. is a Clearasil ad with housing. And Yale is a dumping ground for those who didn't get into Harvard.
WILLOW: I got into Harvard.

Um, what are BDMs and BDHs?

Big damn movie and big damn heroes. The phrase "big damn heroes" was adopted by the Firefly fandom after Zoe said it in "Safe".

Mal: "Seems like we arrived here in the nick of time. What does that make us?"
Zoe: "Big damn heroes, sir!"
Mal: "Aint we just!"

Ahem, I saw the initial comment in an entirely different context when I first read it so thanks for the Cordelia clarification (just google 'teabagging' if you don't know what I mean ;). And in the UK you can get tea pretty much anywhere you can get coffee which no-doubt includes some cinemas.

Was lucky enough to see 'Bladerunner' on a huge outdoor screen a few years back and it was a great experience (the next night they showed 'The Great Escape', also good fun but more 'interactive' with people shouting "Go on Steve !" at, y'know, that bit - as if he might actually make it if we just gave him enough encouragement ;).

('2001' is the only one of the sci-fi films that I haven't seen on the big screen so that'd be my vote - but since i'm not going I won't vote to avoid possibly queering someone's pitch)

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