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July 15 2007

Two Weekends of Whedony Goodness. Recaps of the Seattle Can't Stop the Serenity and OMWF Sing-a-long. Includes lightbulb jokes!


I quite liked the idea of people jangling their keys at Dawn. Much better than yelling at her.
Here is a local news article about the singalong, as well...
I second (or is it third?) the motion to jangle keys at Dawn rather than scream crusties.
Loved the light bulb jokes. More, more, more!

(Blogger referring to Whedonesque:)
[...] the crack dealer feeding my Whedon addiction[...]

Awww... I've never been prouder to be a part of this group.
That was funny, funny, funny! Why am I never that funny when I'm standing in line? The local news article, however, was nearly unreadable. Did anybody remember to bring the grammar bat?
That was fun- I wanna be in line with those guys next time.

They forgot to mention Spike in the light bulb jokes, so I'll just take the liberty...

SPIKE- Why change the soddin' light bulb? You belong here... in the darkness... with me.
Thanks for this! A great read! And I like the jangling keys idea much much better.
Nice writeup. Sounds like these were fun events! I think key jangling is preferable to "shut up," but I'm still dubious of the entire idea of doing something whenever she opens her mouth. The point still seems to be to drown her lines out?

I like the Spike lightbulb joke, missb. I also like:

Q : How many Glorys does it take?
A : Wait. You're saying it's Ben who changed the lightbulb?

Q: How many Dawns does it take?
A : Nobody, probably. If it were BUFFY's lightbulb, everyone one would want to change it.

Q : How many Andrews does it take?
A : Ooh! This is just like that light bulb from Episode III...

Q : How many Angels does it take to change a lightbulb?
A : None. Brooding is easier in the dark.

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