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July 16 2007

A conversation with Anthony Stewart Head. A fantastic post Buffy interview. Highlights include Tony's comments on the Giles action figure,the steps in the Sunnydale High School library and the new Buffy season 8 comic books.

What an amazing interview...I can't wait for part II.

I LOVE the idea of Giles hosting a TV series where he introduces different Tales of the Slayers. What do you think of "Watcherpiece Theatre" as a title?
I agree, Skreechowl...a very fun interview. And I love the fact that he casually mentions that he's crashing at Alyson Hannigan's place while in the States. :P
Holy SHIT! Anthony's working with Gus Isidore!? Somebody pinch me! That's TOO awesome!
Smashing interview - I liked that it was more conversation than interview - that's when the interesting stuff rolls out, I think...

And how cool was it to see him get all jonesed about his action figures and the library playset?
A great interview and a timely reminder on why we love this guy so much.
Wonderful. The Tales of the Slayer anthology series is a great idea-presumably from the interviewer? There could be self contained single episodes, and multi-parters. Historical ones and/or even Fray ones.
12 Sideshow collectibles Giles Doll

Wow! That thing must be massive :O
Just started reading it, but funny that he mentions Donald Sutherland early in the interview.

Wow. I miss Tony, seeing him on screen at least. It's cool having him narrating this season Doctor Who Confidential,. but I miss him on screen. I might've embarrassed myself a few months ago while watching "Scoop" as I was excitedly pointing at him like a fanboy on his small scene in the movie.

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The Tales of the Slayer anthology series is a great idea-presumably from the interviewer? There could be self contained single episodes, and multi-parters. Historical ones and/or even Fray ones.

*guffaw* I've been hawking that idea since talk of a spin-off first started. Now if we could just get the people with money to listen...
I miss Giles. I miss a lot of those characters.

I wish all the Buffy actors and actresses who aren't "movie star premodonas" could get together with Joss and make a mini-series without "suit interference" or incredible time pressure. Let them make the producion they want to make, with a decent budget.

I really couldn't care less if SMG is involved or not. BTVS was always an ensemble story. There are plenty of characters to play with. Heck, if I had the money and connections, I'd set up a "Willow & Tara" series. I already have the first episode written as fanfic. Of course, it'd need a rewrite or two. :)

Oh well. If wishes were horses, we the faithful would have a stampede on our hands.
Great interview. Great idea for a show, too.
Our recent rewatch of S4 BtVS DVDs had us grousing again just last week about wanting an acoustic album from Tony Head. To hear that it's in the works just made my Monday morning. What sweet, sweet news.
Yes, acoustic Tony, please! I liked the George Sarah stuff, but his voice is so great with less processing and some more natural instrumentation.
Thank you for the link, Simon! And I sure hope someone links when Tony FINALLY gets an acoustic album out, I love his singing so much but I really didn't like 'Music for Elevators' at all, his voice was drowned out by all that electronic music. Tony Head gave a concert at one convention I attended, and he actually plays well enough to accompany himself (I begged him to just record himself and sell some CDs to us!).
Love Tony's over-all attitude about, well everything mentioned.
I still hold out hope on ASH for the Eleventh Doctor. Russell T. Davies has already cast a couple of his faves in multiple roles between the two series. And narrating the Confidential (and doing voice work in The Infinite Quest) makes ASH seem like a favorite...
Oooh, yes... the Eleventh Doctor! How cool would that be? I'd love to see him bring a little of street/badass-Tony to that role. A little edge to follow the quirky and detatchedly sweet David Tennant..? When ASH does controlled violence, it takes my breath away. (Much like when Ron Glass brings the pain.)
I haven't watched Doctor Who since the Tom Baker days, but with Tony Head in it, I might start again. The current series is on tonight on CBC (in Canada) and I believe it's episode 3. Can a person just jump in here or should I watch previous seasons first?

Tony's also in something called "Little Britain" that's running on Showcase up here.
kmb99 -- I'd never seen Doctor Who in any iteration prior to this summer. I jumped in in the middle of the Series 3 that just wrapped up, caught on instantly and am hooked. And like the newbie I am, I insist that there are no Doctors before this one ("My Doctor") and no companions before Martha Jones. Have at it... you'll be fine and you're in for a wild ride.
I started back in the Tom Baker days watching Friday nights on the local PBS station, but I loved Eccleston and I think Tennant is magnificent :) There's something to love about each of them (yes, even Colin Baker!). Unless you go back to old Hartnell black and white eps, you're going to be jumping in in the middle anyway and as barest says its not all that hard to catch on. All you need is a willingness to suspend disbelief and a desire to be entertained (and to put up with a bit of camp).
Very nice find, Simon! Great, fun interview!

I've grown to like "Music for Elevators" quite a bit, and I'd be quite interested in an accustic album, as well.
I still hold out hope on ASH for the Eleventh Doctor.

Eleventh Doctor? I just got used to the Tenth one! Don't start talking about Eleventh! And besides, I think he makes a way cooler villain.
quantumac - It's "prima donna". If you're going to throw veiled insults around at least get the spelling right.


toast | July 17, 16:58 CET

Well, he didn't explicitly state who he thought was a prima donna, but you're right, it was clear. It's also juvenile.

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