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July 16 2007

Seth Green is going to the 'Dogs'. Although it's sad to say that he is not donning his wolfish attire again. However, he is joining the cast of Disney's Travlota-Williams comedy 'Old Dogs'.

[edited now that my pedantry has been made redundant]

[ edited by mjwilson on 2007-07-16 18:01 ]
Was he ever in the wolf costume to begin with? I was under the impression that was entirely stuntmen, but I'd never been interested enough in the werewolf interpretation to look it up.
He did wear part of it as he transformed into the wolf.
No offense to Seth or his fans but just reading the description and other cast members this seems like the type of movie to make decent money but be universally panned by everyone that went to see it.

It's just got that feeling to me. I hope I'm wrong as Seth is probably one of my favorite people in Hollywood right now.

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