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July 16 2007

Lets all get a tuckin' into a "Feast Of Love"... The Trailer for Morgan Freeman and Alexa Davalos' new film, an apparent modern day retelling of Shakespeare's "A Midsummers Nights Dream" set in Oregon, is out on Apple Trailers now. May be slightly NSFW due to some brief scenes of them getting, uh, tucked in...

Quite whereabouts the Shakespeare link comes in, I do not know?

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The store I work at rented out books to this movie.

ETA: In fact, I'm pretty sure those are our books near the beginning of the trailer, in Morgan Freeman's study.

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How wonderful to see Alexa Davalos as part of such an amazing cast. Her choices of roles and movies says a lot about her commitment to growing in her craft.

Plus... she's a hottie. ;-)
Yeah and that! :)
This Morgan Freeman person... think I've seen him in some other movie. Think he would have been okay if Joss got to go with his first pick for Wonder Woman. (Does that count as a Whedonesque link, or do we need something more direct?)

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