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July 16 2007

Vote in the 2007 Wizard Fan Awards. Joss Whedon, John Cassaday and Laura Martin all receive nominations in various categories for their work on Astonishing X-Men.

Also, Runaways creator and Buffy writer Brian K Vaughan, Buffy and Fray colourist Dave Stewart, Buffy letterer Richard Starkings & Comicraft, Runaways the series itself, and that cruel rejecting bitch of a character Wonder Woman (vote She-Hulk instead!!).

Why Casino Royale is listed under "comic book movie" is beyond me (there wasn't even a comic book tie-in?!). Wizard is weird.

(Couldn't get the voting to work for me, though.)
I've loved Astonishing, really, it's a great read with fab one-liners and some lovely character moments. But it had to be BKV this year.

Hardest choice was probably 'Favourite TV Show'. Choose between BSG and JLU ? That's just cruel (went with BSG in the end, close though).

(and yeah, 'Casino Royale' as a comic book movie ? WTF ? Not entirely convinced '52' is an ongoing series either - from before the first issue it had a known end-point. Maxi-series maybe ?)
The slow shipping cost AXM some vote-points from me, and I ended up going overwhelmingly for Ed Brubaker books. Had to give the nod to Runaways for series, though. :-)
I tried and failed to vote too, daylight . . . maybe because aside from Joss Whedon and Alan Moore, I didn't have much to say in the categories.
Well, Saje, most "ongoing" series inevitably don't last as long as 52 issues, so I think a little slack can be afforded here.
True but they do often last longer than a year so it's swings and roundabouts. Fr'instance, got the IDW 'Great and Secret Show' adaptation which lasted a year or so (only 12 issues though) but would never be called an 'ongoing' - it even says "of 12" on the cover. With '52' the "of 52" is implied but still obvious i'd've thought.

Not really important though. 'Casino Royale' is a comic book movie after all so clearly their categories are kinda fluid ;).

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