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July 16 2007

Last two episodes of Drive online. It's the last two hours of Tim's shortest lived, most accessible show yet. And you can read the shooting scripts here.

This is wonderful news.
Finally we'll get to see them!
Thanks, Gossi!

Thank you!
I can't believe Fox kept part of their word.

What is the difference between your link and the link Does your link work outside the US? Cause some people keep asking me if it will be available.
Drive banner if anyone wants to spread the news.

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But only if you live in the US.

I hate watching episodes on MySpace. Maybe I'll wait for another option.
But only if you live in the US.


make that "only if you live in the US, and use Windows or Mac"

dear PTB: please leak torrents.
Their site won't support Windows 98 (I know, I'm crazy for still running Windows98, but I'll get an Apple before I buy into ... okay ... wrong place to go into my rant. LOL). :(
catalyst2, which part of the link can't you see (I know, silly question). Whatever, I'm sure we can figure a way.
Well, after watching those two episodes and reading the final interview... dammit I want to see the rest of the series!!!
Woo! The scripts for the last two episodes got posted at Tim's site. Gossi, can you add this up top?
for crissakes, why can't they make them available to canadians too? *throws tantrum*
Madhatter - the link comes up, but across the video screen part of the page, it says "Thank you for your interest in TV. This service is currently unavailable to viewers living outside the United States". It also does that, though the page looks slightly different, on Anonymous1's alternate link.
GRRRH! ARRGH! Neither link works for outside US.

Heard there was an effort to get Skyone to air Drive in the UK.

Could't cost that much. It would be like a mini-series. Any effort in Canada?
Still not available for purchase though... I'm going to wait until I can have all 6 in my hot little hard drive and then spend a whole evening Drive-ing to my heart's content. :D
I'm still less whelmed than I wish I had been by this series. Having watched the first of the two just now, I think I know what fails: The ensemble aspect. I don't think it works at all.

Something about the concept of the show, I think, deserved (required?) a single through-line to follow, not scattered arcs of varying degrees of interest (most of them not particularly interesting).

Even if Tully weren't portrayed by Nathan, I'd still argue that the show should have been focused on him. Structurally, the story should never have cut away from him to anyone else -- we'd just follow his character's arc through the race, occasionally intersecting with other racers, but never leaving Tully to follow them.

Yeah, sucks if you're not in the US. I'm hoping they'll be available in some other format soon for download.

Yay for the scripts though!
Oh, understand now, catalyst2. I often run across the same problem. It's the licensing of broadcast. I know, its frustrates me to no end as well.
Just watched both episodes. Now I'm pissed at Fox all over again because I'll never know what happened to those people.

I agree and disagree with you, b!X. I really liked episode 6. I think if the rest of the show had been like that episode, it would have worked very well. I was very interested in the character interaction and it held my attention. I didn't feel the sense of urgency to get back to Alex's story in episode 6 like I did when watching the other episodes.

That's not to say that I don't like the show as it is. I do. I just think it started out a little too slow for the majority of people in today's viewing audience.
It can be convinced to work if you configure your browser to use a proxy in the US. However, you first need to find one and then they often aren't the fastest. Guess waiting for another "release channel" (of course I'm talking about the DVD set *cough, cough*) is easier and less annoying, but those desperate to see it right now...
I agree and disagree with you, b!X, too. I liked the Alex Tully storyline a lot, but using his story to guide the larger story arc would be such an easy way to go. The Winston Salazar story was growing on me a lot, and using his and Alex's arcs intertwined to drive the series could have been interesting. Two men who live in the gray area between saint and sinner, one a little grayer than the other.

As for the others, I really wanted to like the sick dad and daughter, but felt like their storyline in episode 6 was getting really maudlin. Not fatally so, but something I would have preferred going a little darker in following episodes. Following episodes that will never be shot, never be aired. *sobs*

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Oh, and I'm not going to go near the slash that could come out of a Winston/Alex matchup.
I just want to know what happens... Is there a link to this interview? I somehow managed to miss it and would like to read it.
*throws tantrum*

Wow, this is nearly as bad as you-know-who liking 'The Core'. Canadians don't get angry, say it ain't so ? ;)

Re: outside US viewing/pro*y addresses, folk might be interested in this thread from a while back, specifically Invisible Green's post. Most illuminating (though provided strictly for educational purposes i'm sure ;). And here's the wrap-up interview JediJuggler. Spoilers, obviously.

(having to download the player is very horrible though, not particularly good practice IMO)
I've added the links about the scripts to gossi's blog entry.
Thanks for the link :)
Canadians don't get angry, say it ain't so ? ;)

admittedly the traditional Canadian tantrum consists of not much more than a pursed lip and a furrowed brow, all easily diffused by a cuppa tea :D

thanks for the educational info Simon, wheeee !
So they insist on dividing the world into old outdated geographic lines, eh? You'd have thought they would have learned it by now.
The only reason it's restricted to the US is legal reasons -- networks usually have to pay for rights to distribute a program online, and nobody would pay for that outside the US if Fox was already doing it for free. For example, people in the US can't stream programming by Channel 4 or from the BBC (Doctor Who, Torchwood) -- only people in the UK can. If Doctor Who became free and legally watchable online for all to see, Sci-Fi US's ratings would drop off.

[ edited by gossi on 2007-07-17 12:52 ]
There're also things like incidental music rights that have to be negotiated separately etc.

Of course, at base, it is still down to outmoded ideas about staggered releases, regionally differing copyright laws etc. which is ultimately down to the whole 'lines' thing. Rub 'em out I say ! Only not by invading people, they don't like it.

admittedly the traditional Canadian tantrum consists of not much more than a pursed lip and a furrowed brow, all easily diffused by a cuppa tea :D

Phew, world righting itself, order restored ;).
So they insist on dividing the world into old outdated geographic lines, eh? You'd have thought they would have learned it by now.

If things in the world were easier. Businesses everywhere still haven't learned, figured how to deal with this new business / economic model - even worse, there's no model yet, everything is still in flux.
Having things online are changing a lot of things, but some of the analogical changes are not happening at the same pace.

Back on topic. I would very much like to watch these final episodes, but just like ESG, I hate watching things in myspace (as if I wasn't already limited by not being an US resident). I'll wait for alternative better formats to get them.
If people in, say, Germany could watch shows on the U.S. websites, they wouldn't watch them when they finally get aired in Germany in a (horribly) dubbed version. Networks would see the ratings decline because their programmes are available freely and legally on the net way before and would decide that it's not worth as much as they paid for it. Or simply put: if the whole world could watch shows on U.S. sites, U.S. networks would have a much harder time selling them abroad.

Oh and considering DRIVE: the problem the way I saw it was simply that the format was chosen badly. This would have been a kickass miniseries, say three-parter (90 mins each). As an ongoing show, it was doomed to fail from the start.
It's nice that they are showing the final episodes, it'd be even nicer if people who don't live in America could watch it as well.
Saje, you and Invisible Green rock in a thousand different ways! Thank you!

From one happy Canadian, whose tantrums typically consist of a lot more than a furrowed brow, but tend to be thrown in a quiet place, far away from others.
Actually? You can watch the latest season/series of Doctor Who on the CBC website. The episodes are about one behind what's been shown, but I think that's pretty damn good;)

Honestly wish CTV (Canadian broadcaster of Drive) would find a 2-hour slot (or 2 1-hour slots) to burn off the last 2 episodes. Cuz the whole "gotta be in the US to see stuff on network websites"? Makes me wanna through something a bit more violent than a tantrum. And my tantrums are against the Canuck norm, if ya know what I mean;)

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